Humility From A Dog


Once when Hadhrat Khwaajah Ali Seerjaani (rahmatullah alayh) sat down to have his meal, he supplicated to Allah Ta’ala: ‘O Allah! Send a guest to share the food with me.” Soon a dog appeared from the door of the Musajid which was close by. Hadhrat Seerjaani chased the dog away. The dog departed. Nearby from the grave of Hadhrat Shah Shuja’ Kirmaani (rahmatullah alayh), a voice spoke and said: ‘O Khwaajah! You had desired a guest to join you. Why have you buffeted him?’

As he heard the reprimand, Khwaajah, taking the food with him, ran in the direction the dog went, but to his grief, he could not find the dog. He continued the search from lane to lane. Finally he set out towards the wilderness. After prolonged searching, he saw the dog sleeping in a corner. Khwaajah Saheb placed all the food in front of the dog. The dog opened its eyes but did not even look at the food. Fear and grief overcame Khwaajah Sahib. He repented, reciting Istighfaar. He removed his turban from his head and said: ‘I have repented.”

Suddenly the dog spoke in a human voice and said: “O Khwaajah! You have done well. You muster up courage to supplicate for a guest whereas you should supplicate for (spiritual) eyes. If it was not for the blessedness of Shah (i.e.Shah Shuja’), you would have seen what you ought to see. Was-salaam.” So saying, the dog departed.