Rizq is Sealed



HADHRAT SIRRI SAQATI (Rahmatullah Alayh)


Hadhrat Sirri Saqati (Rahmatullah alayh) was the Mureed of Hadhrat Ma’roof Karkhi (Rahmatullah alayh) and the maternal uncle of Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi (Rahmatullah alayh). In the beginning he was a trader in Baghdad. His profit mark-up was never more than 5%. An item costing 10 dinars would be sold for 10.5 dinars. ‘Saqati’ is a person who sells very cheap, inexpensive produce. He is therefore called Saqati.

In his shop he had a special section wherein he would spend most of his time in Nafl Salaat. One day he purchased almonds for 60 dinars. Soon there was a scarcity of almonds and the price increased substantially. An agent from the marketplace advised Hadhrat Saqati to sell his almonds since it was the opportune time. Hadhrat Sirri asked him about the price. The agent said that he would sell it for 90 dinars. Hadhrat Sirri: “I have pledged not to make a profit of more than 5%. Agent: “I shall not sell your almonds at a lesser price.” Hadhrat Sirri: “I shall not violate my pledge.” The agent refused to take the almonds. How could he sell almonds worth 90 dinars for such a low price? It was not worth his effort. He went away without the almonds. Hadhrat Sirri remained firm on his principle.

This is the attitude of a man who understands the meaning of Rasulullah’s statement: “Rizq is sealed, and the greedy one is deprived.”