PMB Soofie Night Market



Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Every Bid’ah is a deviation. And all deviation will be in the Fire (of Hell).”

After being made aware of the Bid’atis known as ‘Habibia Soofie Aastana Pietermaritsburg’, it is clear that they don’t have a clue or even a faint idea of what the meaning of Sufism is. They are pathetically ignorant of Tasawwuf, despite fraudulently parading as ‘Soofies’.

The path of Tasawwuf reminds one of the Aakhirat. But the Soofie Night Market is pure satanism which makes one totally forget the Aakhirat. Tasawwuf brings one closer to Allah, but the ‘Soofie Night Market’ comprises of so much Haraam which convinces us that these Bid’atis parading as ‘Habibia Soofie Aastana’ are a bunch of shameless Mudhilleen who don’t consider or respect the Laws of Allah. The following will give one an idea of how Islamically and spiritually rotten they are:

1. The Soofie chaps promote the Soofie-goofy night with music in the background. Music is always Haraam, regardless of the venue or occasion. But music to promote a Haraam immoral party right at the door of their Bid’ati Masjid! Where is the Aql of the deviates? They claim to love Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, but without any shame or remorse, they indulge in Haraam parties and merrymaking filth such as this ‘Soofie Night Market’, KMSZ Souk, Ansaar Souk, Sultan Bahu Fete and all similar functions hosted by the Mudhilleen and the Zindeeqs throughout the country!

2. The Bid’ati Soofie Aastana clique indulges in music – and that too, right at the doorstep of the Masjid. Their recent Haraam party on the auspicious night of Aashura was a total mockery of the Deen. They deceptively call themselves ‘Soofies’, but their hearts are totally dead; unable to understand the notoriety of their sinful indulgence in pig music and rubbish qawwaali at the Masjid – more dead than even a pig’s heart. Whilst a pig knows that its Creator is Allah, these Bid’atis indulge in Music and rubbish Qawwaali at the Masjid and then too on the auspicious Night of Aashura. Music is Haraam and they utter drivel on the topic of music.

3. Intermingling of the sexes and much Haraam takes place at the ‘Soofie Night Market’. The Fitnah, Fisq and Fujoor of all these Haraam events and functions are undeniable. Read: KMSZ-SOUK Booklet

4. These Bid’ati Habibia so-called Soofies are Shia Bootlickers. For what are they raising slogans such as ‘Yaa Husain’ and having Bid’ah Tazia programs? Maybe they are undercover Shias. That is why they are making such a big noise about Karbala, mourning Karbala, advertising the twelve ‘Imaams’ of the Shias, and in emulation of the Kuffaar Shias, they were advertising pictures depicting the Shahaadat of Hazrat Husain Radhiyallahu Anhu. These are all signs of Shiism.

5. They promote evil Zindeeqs such as Hamza Yusuf, Imran Husein, Tahir Qadri and others of their ilk. This is enough to show their deviation.

6. They promote Hookah which is Haraam. The harms of Hookah, smoking , vape, etc. are a reality, yet these goofy ‘Soofies’ are too stupid to understand simple facts.

7. They indulge in Bid’ah merrymaking functions such as Milaad and Urs. The real meaning of Tasawwuf is furthest from the minds of these Habibia Soofie characters.

8. They are so Be-Hayaa (shameless) that they even publicize photos of women.

9. They promote Haraam and defend Haraam. It should not be difficult to understand why Bid’atis are called ‘Kilaabun Naar’ (Dogs of the Fire) according to the Hadeeth.


Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Verily, Allah deprives every person of Bid’ah from Taubah.”