eBook: Baitush Shaytaan – The House of Shaytaan   Full Title: Baitush Shaytaan – The House of Shaytaan Release Date: 8 Safar 1440  (18 October 2018) Publisher: Jamiatul Ulama Northern Cape Format: PDF File Size: 1.0 MB Download link: Download ‘Baitush Shaytaan – The House of Shaytaan’ (PDF) Book IntroductionRead More →

Tariq Jameel came to South Africa and caused much Fitnah. His Fitnah was so severe that it compelled certain Ulama (some who usually enjoy remaining silent and even justify their silence) to publicly speak up against him in a two-page pamphlet entitled ‘official statement’. This official statement ‘endorsed’ with the names of several Ulama has been recently circulated. Whilst the ‘official statement’ is against Tariq Jameel, it is necessary for us to mention some pertinent observations regarding the ‘official statement’Read More →

On 7 June 2018, an article titled ‘How Muslims betray Islam by not allowing women in mosques’ was published on News24 website, which is authored by some woman called Nuraan Davids, who, by implication, has imprudently accused the thousands of Fuqaha, Muhadditheen, Ulama and also the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum of betraying Islam by not allowing women in the Masaajid. And this is undoubtedly dangerous for one’s Imaan.Read More →