Q: MAY ONE PERFORM JUMUAH SALAAH ON A SHIP WHICH IS DOCKED IN THE HARBOUR? A: No, Jumuah Salaah may not be performed on a ship whether it is docked in the harbour or it is moving on water. One of the main reasons why Jumuah Salaah is not validRead More →

Q: FOR HOW LONG SHOULD A PERSON REMAIN IN SAJDAH? A:The minimum duration of Masnoon Sajdah is to recite Subhaanallaah thrice. There is no maximum duration. Any number of Tasbeehs more than three times may be recited. Reciting in odd numbers is preferable, e.g. 5, 7, 9, etc.    Read More →

Q: SOME CLAIM THAT MUFTI RAFI UTHMANI AND MUFTI TAQI SAY THAT DIGITAL PHOTOS ARE PERMISSIBLE. THUS, MAY A PERSON WHO TAKES DIGITAL PHOTOS OR WATCHES TV, PERFORM IMAAMATE? A: Such a person is a Faasiq. It is not permissible for a Faasiq to perform Imaamate. Appointing such a personRead More →

Q: IS THERE JANAAZAH SALAAH FOR A PERSON WHO COMMITS SUICIDE? A: Suicide is amongst the worst of Haraam acts a person could even think of. It is so severe that according to some Fuqaha, his Janaazah Salaah should not be performed because he is a traitor. Nevertheless, the mostRead More →

THE CONTAGIOUS EFFECT OF SIN Once, after making a mistake in Salaat, Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “What has happened to the people. They do not perform Wudhu correctly, which causes the Imaam to make mistakes. The effects of sins also affect those who do not sin. [MALFOOZAAT HAKEEMUL UMMAT]Read More →