Q: Please comment on the following: “Praying taraweeh in home for a women is better then praying in masjid, but also praying taraweeh in the masjid for her is better then sitting at home wasting valuable time in silly thing like tv show and social media. But we have toRead More →

Q. A Muslim person passed away in Egypt. Are we in South Africa allowed to perform his Janazah Salaah although the body of the Marhoom is not present? Please do advise? A. It is not permissible according to the Hanafi Math-hab.Read More →

Q: WHAT IS THE FATWA ON MOSQUE OPEN DAYS WHERE NON-MUSLIMS ARE ALLOWED TO VIEW THE MOSQUE AND WE MAKE DAWAH TO THEM? A: ‘Mosque Open Days’ are ‘Shaitaan Open Days’. Shaitaan is invited with his league to come and defile the Musaajid.Read More →

Q: WAS THE CRESCENT OF RAJAB 1440 SIGHTED? A: The Hilaal (crescent) for Rajab was Alhamdulillah sighted. 1st Rajab 1440 corresponds with 8 March 2019. May Allah grant us Barakah in Rajab and Sha’baan and ultimately make us reach the month of Ramadaan. AameenRead More →

Q: IS TOILET PAPER AN ALTERNATIVE TO WATER FOR ISTINJAA? WHAT IF THE TOILET PAPER IS WET? A: Toilet paper, even if wet, is insufficient. Water is a must for Istinjaa! Without water, one’s Istinjaa is not valid.Read More →