Q. Have you seen the latest statement of Bham’s Jamiatul Ulama South Africa dated 22 December 2020? They believe that there is an even more contagious Covid-19 strain. They also state: “Our actions determine the conditions that Allah sends down. Together with taking all the necessary precautions, we should alsoRead More →

Q. Another Hadeeth making its rounds on social media is: SOCIAL DISTANCING – The Prophet Muhammed Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “When you speak to someone (who is afflicted with a contagious illness), there should be between you and them a space of the length of a spear (approximately two meters).”Read More →

Q. I approached a senior Molvi in my town who is also sometimes the Imaam and told him that all this social distancing in Salaat is not valid. He responded with one word: ‘circumstances!’ Please do advise? A. Let him elaborate on circumstances. The senior Molvi of your town isRead More →

Q. A person says that according to the Ahaadeeth, we should flee from the leper. He then states that this is even more than social distancing. If one has to flee, then social distancing is a lesser concept than fleeing which should not be condemned? A. Laughable indeed! If accordingRead More →

Q. The proponents of social distancing are quoting a Hadeeth in Tirmizi where Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam told a bedouin to tie his camel first and then put his trust in Allah. Based on this Hadeeth, they argue that one has to take precautions. Accordingly, trustees and ‘Imaams’ have publishedRead More →

Q. Is it permissible to close the Masaajid when a plague breaks out? Some people are arguing that Musallis should not attend the Masaajid for the protection of people’s lives. They say that ‘preservation of life’ is amongst the objectives of the Shariah. Is their line of argumentation correct? A.Read More →

Q. Is it permissible to bury any person who passed away due to Covid-19 in a coffin? A. It is not permissible. The Sunnah suffices for us. People die with so many other sicknesses. There is simply no valid Shar’i reason for burying in coffins.Read More →