Q. Can we give one another gifts on 10th Muharram? Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said we should give gifts and this will engender love amongst us? A. Did Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam say you must give gifts on 10th Muharram? The answer is a clear – NO! Did any ofRead More →

Q. Some  Molvis give Bayaans on Karbala and on the Shahaadat of Hadhrat Husain Radhiyallahu Anhu in Muharram and on the night of Aashura. Is this permissible? A. No. it is not permissible. A host of khuraafaat and baseless customs in Muharram have become entrenched amongst ignorant Muslims and thoseRead More →

Q. Can we send out messages such as Muharram Mubaarak, and messages congratulating our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world upon the new Islamic year. Some even say Aashura Mubaarak. Kindly advise? A. All of these are baseless customs. This is the way of the Kuffaar. It is absolutelyRead More →

Q. This Claremont people also sent out the following message: “We wish you a Blessed and Spiritually Rejuvenating Christmas and a New Year in which we all enjoy better Health and greater Prosperity.” I noticed that they gone way off-track. They even call their Masjid a ‘Mosque’! Is sending ChristmasRead More →