Allah Ta’ala states: “We fling the Haqq on Baatil. Then it smashes its (i.e. Baatil’s) brains out. Then suddenly it vanishes.” [Surah Ambiyaa – Aayat 18]

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Speak the truth even though it is bitter.”

When an organization calls itself a ‘Muslim’ organization, then it has to be governed strictly according to Islam. Otherwise, such an organization or group will only be ‘Muslim’ by name. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam predicted that an era would come when nothing of Islam will remain, but only its name. And in this age, many organizations are calling themselves ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic’, but this is only in name.

As far as the teachings of Islam are concerned, there is hardly any Islam in these so-called ‘Muslim’ organizations nor in their leaders and members. Just look at their dressing and appearance and you will have your answer. Fisq, Fujoor, Zandaqah, Be-hayaa-i (shamelessness), Shaytaaniyyat, etc. are portrayed by their actions, demeanour, conduct and gatherings of satanism. They show disregard for many of the prohibitions of the Shariah. Photography, videoing, no Hijaab, intermingling of the sexes, Shia bootlicking, etc. are a few prime examples in which they ‘excel’.

An organization should not portray itself to be a ‘Muslim’ entity if it does not fully subscribe to all the laws of Islam. Or else, it presents a wrong picture to the non-Muslims. The Qur’aan commands us to be 100% Muslims – not 50% or 70% or 5% Muslim and the balance of the percentage reflects the lifestyle and ways of the Kuffaar. We have to be practical Muslims in all spheres of life and at ALL TIMES.

Nevertheless, today you will find so many of these ‘Muslim’ organizations to be bankrupt as far as the Sunnah is concerned. Every organization is judged according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah! When the leader of an organization does not have a Shar’i beard – i.e. a fist-length beard, then it speaks volumes of the deviation of such a group besides the fact that the leader is a Faasiq and totally unqualified in terms of the Shariah. No wonder, it is observed that such organizations are drowning in Fisq and they even perpetrate Kufr by trying to legalize Haraam acts.

Now view organizations like IMASA, Samnet, Sanzaf, Al-Qalam, Al-Ansaar, ICSA, ISNA, ‘Muslim Views’, Salaamedia, Awqaf, IPSA, Ghazali College, and several others in this light and the deviation of these organizations will be manifest.

You will find them to be amongst those who agreed to the closure of the Masaajid and you will find them flagrantly trampling on the Laws of Hijaab. An organization which does not uphold the Sunnah is a deviated organization! Many of them are not even qualified to speak on Islamic issues and they do not follow the guidance of the Ulama-e-Haq. Yes, they follow the Mudhilleen, Ulama-e-Soo, misguided scholars and those who have lost the path.

Thus, we find them propagating nonsense in the name of the Deen because they lack sound Islamic knowledge. Instead of sticking to their fields of expertise, they intrude into a field in which they are totally unqualified, and merely project jahaalat (ignorance). In this regard, the Shaytaani Musjid Open Days is a pertinent example of such deviated organizations who do not know whether they are going or coming.

These organizations have to hide behind evil ‘scholars’ who don’t deserve the titles of Moulana, Mufti, Sheikh, etc. but are merely misused to be a basis for the Fitnah of deviates. Imagine that they have the audacity to convert the Musjid into a Kaafir tourist venue – something which a sound brain with healthy Imaan will spontaneously reject! What Hidaayat can ever be expected from such Masaajid and from such so-called Molvis and Imaams who are betraying the Deen? The following Divine words have undoubtedly materialized in this age and its becoming worse day-by-day. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

“Soon will there dawn an age when nothing of Islam will remain except its name – nothing of the Qur’aan will remain except its text. The Masaajid will be elaborate (and ornate) structures, but bereft of guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be the ulama. From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them (and hem them in).” [Mishkaat]


It is necessary to hurl the Haq upon Baatil. In this regard, Samnet is begging for support from the Muslim community and has presented specious arguments to defend the Musjid Open Days. This is similar with all other un-Islamic organizations as well.

They try their outmost best to defend and justify that which is blatantly wrong in terms of the Shariah. It is not a trivial issue to justify a sin!

Amongst the letters to the Shaytaan editor of the Al-Qalam paper of Shaytaan, appeared a satanic article authored by a mini-Shaytaan encouraging Shaytaan Musjid Open Defilement Days on Page 6 of the August 2022 edition captioned: National Mosque Day: ‘Please partner with us – SAMNET’.


One argument is: “We hope to create far more awareness and expel misconceptions of Islam this year and every year thereafter.” One cannot create awareness of the true teachings of Islam with an event which is in conflict with the Shariah. For example: It is Haraam for women to attend the Masaajid but these morons are inviting Kuffaar women to the Masaajid. Now what awareness are they creating when women are now allowed at the Masaajid? In fact, the Shaytaani morons are creating a misconception that women are allowed to attend the Masaajid.

Expelling misconceptions and creating awareness of Islam should be done in ways which are in conformity to the Shariah. If the Samnet Zindeeqs want to invite non-Muslims to Islam, there are other permissible ways. However, do not use the House of Allah as a place for frivolous tea parties and merrymaking Satanism!


Explaining its satanic vision, the article states: “The vision for the National Mosque Open Day is for mosques across the country to open their doors simultaneously on one day to educate and inform people of other faiths on Islam and Muslims.”

The vision of Shaytaan is to allow non-Muslims permanent access to the Masaajid. And for this, Shaytaan has employed the interfaith clergy to corrode and utterly destroy the Imaan of people who don’t seem to understand the Interfaith Kufr. It is the Interfaith trap of Kufr which will ultimately make the vision of Shaytaan to become a reality. It seems as if this very same interfaith mentality of Kufr has affected the corrupt brains of Samnet and its stupid cronies.

The day will come when even the Cross will be worshipped in the Musjid as stated in the Hadeeth. Now, the stage is being set for this Kufr to take place right in the House of Allah Ta’ala. Moreover, the Musjid Open Days are part of the foundations of such Kufr. Educating and informing people of other faiths on Islam and Muslims can take place in different ways and at different venues as long as the gathering does not entail intermingling of the sexes, photography, videoing, etc. But, one hardly finds any such permissible gathering because many people who claim to be Muslims display blithe disregard for the laws of Allah Ta’ala to the extent that they even allow intermingling of the sexes right in the Masaajid!!! Now, this is the rubbish Shaytaaniyyat which Samnet is promoting in the name of Islam.


Presenting another baseless argument, Samnet states: “This provides a platform for people to meet a Muslim in person in the hopes of removing any prior misconceptions of peculiarity and negativity.”

So you don’t need a Haraam event at the Musjid – the best of places and also being the House of Allah – for this objective. Innumerable Muslims meet non-Muslims on a daily basis. Why can’t they make Tableegh on a daily basis? What is the need for a satanic merrymaking event and then too at the Musjid???

It is clear that merrymaking and nafsaaniyyat are generally good attractions for Fussaaq, Fujjaar and Zindeeqs. They emulate the Kuffaar in their daily life, so for a few hours on Heritage Day, they intend converting the Musjid into a church or temple. This is what Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar does. Like how the church is used by the Kuffaar for fund-raising and for fun days and parties, the Masaajid are being misused by Zindeeqs for similar nonsense.

Explaining the satanism, Samnet states: “The day generally involves a ‘meet and greet’, mosque tour, explanation of prayer and ablution, brief introduction on Islam and a question and answer session.”

And what about all the other Haraam acts? People can ‘meet and greet’ on the roads. It is silliness to use the Musjid for such nonsense. They actually have admitted that the Musjid is converted into a tourist center or museum. Moreover, this is how the Kuffaar even view it. The explanation of Salaat and Wudhu, the introduction on Islam and the question and answer sessions are not valid grounds for a Haraam event! It is not permissible to propagate the Deen in Haraam ways! And this is what the IDM, IPCI, etc. need to learn! Don’t preach the Deen in a sinful way.


Stating a specious argument, the article avers: “It is our goal to see all of South Africa learning about Islam from our respected mosque representatives and not from the biased media outlets.” Whilst we all are aware of the media bias, the people of the Masaajid can propagate Islam to non-Muslims in permissible ways without defiling the Masaajid with these silly Musjid Open Days. Whilst the goal to see all of South Africa learn about Islam is meritorious, the Musjid Open Day method is not in compliance with the Shariah. The Musjid is not a place for immorality and fun!


The NMOD (National Mosque Open Day) initiative is an inspiration of Shaytaan who has not only whispered this satanic idea into the ears of the Zindeeqs, but who frequently also urinates in their ears rubbish and nonsense.

It is observed that Samnet like to boast about their 2019 NMOD. We went through it and it merely confirmed what terrible Shayaateen this Samnet, IPCI, IDM, the various Ulama-e-Soo and the sponsors happen to be. Photography. Videos, intermingling of the sexes and merrymaking at the Masaajid!!! Which Mufti or Moulana in his right mind can aver that such Shaytaaniyyat is ever permissible, unless he wishes his Imaan also to be snatched for the pleasure of the Devil who harnessed him in support or participation of such blatant Haraam events!

To indulge in the NMOD is fisq. It renders one a Faasiq. But to regard the NMOD as permissible is Kufr. It renders you out of the fold of Islam. We are doing Samnet and all the NMOD participants a favour by apprizing them of the Laws of the Shariah. Neither do we want you to lose your Imaan nor do we want you to be Fussaaq! But, the choice is yours. Every person has to decide for himself in which camp he wishes to be. You make yourself a Faasiq with your Fisq or a Kaafir due to your own act of Kufr. Nobody makes you a Kaafir or Faasiq! So blame yourself and not others. The NMOD comprises of several clear-cut Haraam and immoral acts. How can you turn the Musjid into a hall or museum or tourist center? The Musjid is supposed to be a Pure and Noble place – not a place for different types of Zina and filth!!!


Some Masaajid had Mendhi stations!!! Is the Musjid a place for putting mendhi and women beautifying themselves? QIYAAMAT is not far away.

At one Musjid, the men and women are sitting all mixed on chairs. And this is exactly what happens at all these rubbish conventions and gatherings in halls and similar venues! How can such satanism ever be allowed at the Masaajid?

Others have calligraphy designing and painting at the Masaajid! At one Musjid Open Day, they had all posters inside the actual Masaajid displayed in a manner which is usually found at museums! They don’t even know what Hijaab is and they had a so-called Hijaab station at one NMOD event. Hijaab demands that women stay at home and that it is Haraam for women to attend the Masaajid, but what lament should be given for upside-down brains?

Refreshments, women, partying, merrymaking, immorality and all the other Haraam acts mentioned in this article as well as in several other articles as elaborately explained by the Ulama-e-Haq convinces a person that the NMOD is satanism. It has no place in Islam. The Fitnah will backfire on those who cause Fitnah at the Masaajid. It is clear that they are trivializing all the evils associated with these immoral and satanic Musjid Open Days.