Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “This Ilm (of the Shariah) will be borne by the pious of every successive generation.  They (the Ulama-e-Haqq) will drive away from it (this Shariah) the interpolations of the deviates, the falsehood of the false-mongers and the interpretations of the ignoramuses.” (Mishkaat)

On Thursday, 6 April 2017, a memorial held for Ahmed Kathrada was held at the St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. One of the Priest-type speakers in the Cathedral was ‘Sheikh Igshaan Taliep (United Ulema-e-Soo Council of South Africa)’. How can a real Muslim – let alone an Aalim – ever be in a Cathedral?

So who is Igshaan Taliep? And who is the ‘United Ulema-e-Soo Council of South Africa’?


As far as Igshaan Taliep is concerned, the MJC very recently posted the following message:

“MJC First Deputy President, Ml. Abdul Khaliq Ebrahim Allie is currently in Fez, Morocco as part of a South African delegation at the Muhammad IV African Ulama Conference. The Rector of IPSA, MJC Executive member and President of UUCSA Sh. M. Ihsaan Taliep is also in attendance. The conference aims to foster unity and better working relations between African countries.”

Igshaan Taliep has the following positions according to MJC:

  1. The rector of IPSA. IPSA is a corrupt organization which wants women to attend the Masaajid. IPSA does not make Hijaab. Fussaaq like Jasser Auda and Dawood Terblanche are part of the corrupt IPSA.
  2. MJC executive member. This is a clear sign of the MJC betraying the Deen. A Mudhil who attends a Cathedral is part of the MJC! (Sic)  How can a person who openly violates the Shariah be part of a genuine Ulama organization? But the MJC themselves are deviated scoundrels.
  3. President of UUCSA. This refers to the so-called bogus Shaitaani UUCSA of Middelburg-Gatesville (Cape Town). This Middelburg-Cape UUCSA is for much Haraam, Bid’ah, Baatil and Shaitaaniyyat.

At the above conference, photos were taken. Igshaan Taliep is in a photo with women. So, he intermingles with women. He takes photos. He appears on TV. He does not observe proper Hijaab. He attends Cathedrals. He participates in Haraam functions. He is not a proper Shaafi. Instead, he is a Faasiq-Mudhil.


Now you may decide for yourself what type of Ulama this Middelburg-Cape UUCSA are in reality when their very own president attends Cathedrals. One woman even remarked: ‘Sis, he went to a Cathedral!’

On the other hand, we have Faasiq Ebrahim Bham who recently behaved like a Zindeeq at the Kathrada funeral. Read our detailed articles on this issue. Whatever we wrote about Ebrahim Bham of the Middelburg UUCSA applies equally to Igshaan Taliep, the corrupt president of the corrupt Middelburg-Cape UUCSA. So the famous proverb of ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is practically true. You have the president of the Shaitaani UUCSA, Igshaan Taliep behaving like a priest by attending a cathedral and you have another spokesperson of the corrupt UUCSA, Ebrahim Bham, behaving like a reverend at the Kathrada interfaith! So, the Middelburg-Gatesville UUCSA have at least two clergymen in their ranks!

Now let us proceed further:


  • Yusuf Patel is the secretary-general of UUCSA. His ugly photo appears in the corrupt Muslim Views trashcan paper. Now, this photo is Haraam even according to Ebrahim Bham’s favorite Mufti Taqi. This photo is Haraam according to Darul Uloom Azaadville and Darul Uloom Zakariyya. This photo is unanimously Haraam according to all the authorities of the Shariah! So, he is a Faasiq! Will their famous MMB-cronies and their Darul Uloom friends be able to defend them and all their Fisq?
  • Then, Mufti AK Hoosen is the Ustaad of Yusuf Patel. Mufti AK called him a Kalb (dog) because he betrayed his Ustaad and he is betraying the Deen. He is so terrible that he was even part of Sanha who lured Mufti AK to the BCCSA court. Now imagine that Aalim who even takes his Ustaad to court simply because his Ustaad says that Rainbow Chickens are Haraam. They speak of respecting difference of opinion, but they take their very own Ustaad to court over a difference of opinion! Now, just imagine the type of UUCSA we are dealing with here. Their members don’t have any respect for even their Ustaad. That is why they bark – something like ‘woof woof’!
  • Mufti AK branded SANHA as ‘Scholars For Dollars’. Sanha could not tolerate this as the whole world was listening to what Mufti AK was saying. Now consider this Yusuf Patel who is part of sanha and the secretary-general of the Shaitaani UUCSA, if he really serving the Deen, he would not be bothered about the reputation of Sanha, his own reputation and the reputation of the balance of the bogus UUCSA scholars for Dollars! So, this shows that they are after name and fame!

Observe carefully. Thus far, only three Fussaaq of the Shaytaani UUCSA have been mentioned:

  1. UUCSA’s president – Faasiq Igshaan Taliep – the cathedral-clergyman. His photo also is in papers!
  2. UUCSA’s famous spokesperson – Faasiq Ebrahim Bham – the churchman – no wonder he is called a reverend! No surprise at all. His photos are in the star paper just like the priests!
  3. UUCSA’s secretary general – Yusuf Patel – who takes his Ustaad to court! Who takes photos and his photo appears in the paper. The title ‘Kalb’ which Mufti AK honoured him with, DESCRIBES him perfectly. Barking dogs seldom bite! He barks much about sowing seeds of division!

Now let us proceed to the members of the Middelburg-Gatesville UUCSA.


  1. Jamiatul Ulama South Africa – Fordsburg Jamiatush Shayaateen.
  2. Muslim Judicial Council – MJC Shaytaans.

The Molvis of the Fordsburg Jamiat appear on TV. Radio ‘Islam’ presenters are on ITV! The MJC is on TV! They violate Hijaab, pose for photos, mingle with women, etc. etc. We have a written an entire article on these two Mudhilleen councils.

  1. Jamiatul Ulama KZN – a bunch of Mudhilleen.

This Ahmed Mahomedy – president of KZN Jamiat spoke much rubbish at the recent SAUF conference. He was also one of the presidents of SAUF! And even Mufti Motara of Darul Uloom Azaadville criticized the issue of women attending the Masjid. But SAUF is for women attending the Masjid. And the KZN Jamiat indulges in animate photography as well. So, just imagine – we are dealing with deviates here.

  1. Sunni Jamiatul Ulama – Bid’ati Juhhaal
  2. Sunni Ulama Council – Bid’ati Juhhaal

Both the above councils are Bid’ati Moulood councils. These so-called Sunni councils don’t make proper Hijaab. They indulge in photography, etc etc.

  1. Council of Ulama Eastern Cape
  2. Eastern Cape Islamic Congress

Both the above organizations are lost. Junaid Adam is a carrion Molvi like Mf Siraj Desai and Navlakhi. It is easy for them to say that we are causing disunity, but who are the actual ones trampling on all the laws of the Shariah? Is it the Middelburg-Gatesville UUCSA or the Ulama-e-Haq who oppose them???


Keeping in mind the above facts and the type of Middelburg-Gatesville UUCSA-deviates the Ulama-e-Haq are dealing with, it should be clear that the UUCSA name debacle is not merely a fight over a name. Who would want to have the name UUCSA when the name UUCSA has no real reputation anymore? Igshaan Taliep has blackened the name of his UUCSA by attending a cathedral. Ebrahim Bham has done the same by attending Haraam functions like the Kathrada Kaafir-type funeral service. Yusuf Patel has blackened the name of UUCSA by taking his own Ustaad to court! So they deceiving people with their name!

Many of its members indulge in animate photos. Many of its members are on TV. Many of its members don’t make proper Hijaab. Many of its members mingle with women. So, they are betraying Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam! So, it is not just a name issue. The Ulama-e-Haq don’t support the Middelburg-Gatesville uucsa! At the end of the day, the name means nothing. It is a fight against Baatil! May Allah reward all those who speak against the Shaitaani Middelburg-Gatesville uucsa and all the Shayaateen associated with them. Ameen. There can be no unity amongst the Ulama-e-Haq and the Ulama-e-Soo! The Ulama-e-Soo need to compromise their Baatil for the sake of unity – not the other way round!