Aadaab (Etiquettes) Of Istinjaa


(Istinjaa is to purify oneself after answering the call of nature.)

(1) In the toilet use water to purify the affected parts.

(2) Enter the toilet with the left foot and emerge with the right foot.

(2) Before entering the toilet, recite the Masnoon Dua. Similarly, recite the Masnoon Dua after having emerged.

(3) Do not enter the toilet bare-headed.

(4) Abstain from talking while in the toilet.

(5) Do not cough or clear the throat unnecessarily inside the toilet.

(6) Do not recite anything inside the toilet.

(7) Do not take into the toilet any paper or object on which is written an Aayat of the Qur’aan, any Hadith, name of Allah or of an Angel, or Nabi or Saint. However, if such an item is wrapped in a cloth and kept in the pocket, then it will be permissible. Similarly, if a Ta’weez is thoroughly wrapped up it will be permissible to have it on one’s person in the toilet.

(8) It is Makrooh (not permissible) to stand while urinating. However, this will be permissible for a valid reason.

(9) When relieving oneself in the toilet do not be entirely in the nude.

(10) Use the left hand when cleaning yourself in the toilet.

(11) It is Makrooh to use the right hand.

(12) Do not use cloth, writing paper or newspaper or any other material the purpose of which is not for toilet use nor any impure object for cleansing oneself in the toilet. Istinjaa should be made with soft clay-stone which is absorbent and which has cleansing properties. (It is permissible to use toilet paper – Translators)

(13) Do not face the Qiblah in the toilet nor have the back towards the Qiblah.

(14) When having to answer the call of nature on an open veld, etc. sit as concealed as possible and as far away from the gazes of people as possible. Do not expose yourself to others in the slightest way.
(15) Do not relieve yourself along the road nor in the shade of a tree. People talking rest under trees will be highly inconvenienced and put to difficulty.

(16) Do not urinate in a hole in the ground, for perhaps it is inhabited by some poisonous animals (snake, etc.) which may suddenly emerge.

(17) Do not urinate in stagnant water no matter how abundant it is.

(18) Do not urinate in such a place or in such a way that urine splashes against you. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that carelessness in this regard results in punishment in the grave.

(19) Do not urinate in the bathroom.

(20) When having to relieve yourself outside, do not face the sun and the moon nor against the wind.

(21) When going into the toilet remove your ring on which there is an inscription bearing the name of Allah or of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).