Allah Ta’ala states: “…And do not follow in the footsteps of Shaytaan. Verily, he is your open enemy. Verily, he instructs you with only evil and immorality, and that you fabricate on Allah what you know not.” (Surah Baqarah– Aayat 168)

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Hayaa is a branch of Imaan.”

Question One: My doctor said that I should go for a pap smear test because I am not falling pregnant. She said that maybe there is something wrong with my womb. She wants to make sure that there is nothing wrong with me. They also want to check that I don’t have cervical cancer. For this here, they advise and encourage women to perform a pap smear every three years just to ensure a woman is healthy and she has no vaginal problems.

I feel a bit uncomfortable because in the pap smear, you need to lie down with your legs wide open where they insert a device called a speculum into the private part to widen it. Then with a brush or so, they collect cells from there inside which is then sent to a lab to check if a woman has no abnormal cells, etc.

As a Muslim, I just cannot tolerate exposing my private parts for a test which I consider to be totally unnecessary. But, the doctors say that it is necessary. May you please guide me on this issue?

Question Two: The Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa has written two articles very severely condemning the pap smear test. Do you agree with the Majlis? What is your view on this issue? Is a pap smear Haraam or just Makrooh? Does a pap smear make Ghusl Waajib? Does it break the fast? What are the consequences of doing a pap smear in Ramadaan? Kindly explain to us for the safety of our Imaan and Hayaa. 


In this era, Shaytaan has not only ‘succeeded’ with the satanism of influencing women to dress up like prostitutes, but has also managed to persuade ‘Muslim’ women to perpetrate acts of immorality by exposing their private parts to others for immoral tests which be-hayaa Zindeeqs describe as ‘medical treatment’.

How is it possible for a Muslim woman to sacrifice her Hayaa merely because of the waswasah (Shaytaani whispering) that there might be something wrong with her private part due to not falling pregnant? Is pregnancy in your hands or in the ‘Hands’ of Allah?

How can a decent Muslimah throw away her Hayaa just because she wants to know whether she has abnormal cells in her vagina, despite the fact that she is 100% healthy and she is not suffering from any disease or illness whatsoever? It is indeed satanism which makes a person think and behave like an atheist!

Exposing one’s Awrah is Haraam! It is obvious that one has to perpertrate the Haraam act of exposing one’s satr for the pap smear test. The pap smear test is not a valid reason for legalizing the Haraam act of exposing one’s satr to the doctor! There is simply no Shar’i basis whatsoever for the permissibility of the satanic and immoral pap smear test. Adopting a precaution never means subjecting oneself to immorality by exposing oneself to a doctor in obedience to Iblees!

During the procedure, a woman lies on her back with her legs spread open where the Shaytaani ‘doctor’ or ‘nurse’ will slowly insert a device called a speculum into her private part. (Astaghfirullah) May Allah save us from this immorality. It is indeed obscene. The entire procedure is abnormal, repulsive and loathsome. Besides the Haraam act of exposing the satr, it is not permissible for females to unnecessarily insert devices into their private parts.

It is clear that this abnormal test can never be described as medical treatment.  It is merely a ‘test’. Every Muslim knows or supposed to know that to expose the Awrah (satr) is Haraam! For the sake of just a test, one may not just expose the Awrah! It is indeed the pinnacle of ghabaawat (moronity) and hamaaqat (stupidity) to claim that the exposure of the private parts are permissible for an immoral test which is totally unnecessary!  

Pap smears are totally unnecessary and so-called ‘Muslim’ doctors who regard such filthy procedures to be ‘necessary’ are undoubtedly from amongst the followers of Shaytaan! Hayaa is a branch of Imaan and Fussaaq doctors don’t seem to have any Hayaa! Hayaa is interlinked with Imaan! Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Hayaa and Imaan are interlinked (the two coexist). If one is eliminated, so is the other.”

The obscenity is aggravated if the immoral test is conducted by a male! How is it possible for a Muslim doctor to conduct such a test? Where is the Hayaa and the Imaan of such a doctor? In the case of a male ‘moslem’ doctor, it will have to be asked: Are you a rapist or a pornstar that you indulge in such filth in your surgery?

In fact, many of these doctors are in the category of Zindeeqs and Munaafiqs. Hence, for such specimens of the devil, they have no qualms in justifying obscene procedures such as a pap smear test! For the pap smear test, a Muslim woman commits many sins in addition to the immorality of the pap smear itself.

In the case of a ‘pap smear’, it is not just the case of a woman exposing her Awrah, but the reality is exposure of the actual private part (i.e the satr-e-ghaleez) merely for the sake of getting tested for cancer. The ‘pap smear’ is totally unnecessary and what is deemed as ‘necessary’ by the Zindeeq doctors is not considered as a ‘necessity’ in terms of the Shariah!

The ‘pap smear’ is undoubtedly one of those Shaytaani tests which sound Imaan abhors. It is ludicrous to describe this test as medical treatment. It is Haraam to reveal one’s private parts on the pretext of being tested for cancer when the cancer is totally non-existent! We fully endorse the view of the Majlis on this issue! The pap smear is Haraam. This immoral act makes Ghusl Waajib and also nullifies the fast.