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Allah Ta’ala commands: ‘And (O Women!) Remain firmly in your homes.’ (Surah 33 – Aayat 33)


Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Woman is Aurah (i.e. an object of concealment). When she emerges (from her home) shaitaan casts surreptitious glances at her (to ambush her and manipulate her for fitnah). And undoubtedly the closest she is to Allah Ta`ala is when she is at the innermost corner of her house.


Hadhrat Umme Salma (Radhiyallahu Anha) narrates: “Hadhrat Maymoona and I (Radhiyallahu Anhuma) were seated in the company of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) when Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umme Maktoom (Radhiyallahu Anhu) suddenly approached and entered the home.

So Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam instructed (us two): “Adopt hijaab for him.” (i.e. withdraw from the place and go into seclusion).

Hadhrat Umme Salma Radhiyallahu Anha said: “O Nabi of Allah, isn’t he blind, (which means that) he cannot see us, (i.e. so why should we observe Hijaab)?

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Are both of you also blind? Can you not see him?”

(Muslim – Tirmizi – Abu Dawud –Bayhaqi – Sunanul Kubra, Nasaai – Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan – Fathul Baari – Kanzul Ummaal – Mushkilul Aathaar – Mishkaat – Many more Kutub)


The Hadeeth of the blind Sahaabi is sufficient explanation of what the Deen expects from us concerning the Shar’i Laws of Hijaab. Recently, the Menk chap was in the ‘air’ and this is what he had to say:

“…I flew from Lagos to Abuja. And you won’t believe it. I jumped onto this plane…And as I went on – Subhaan-Allahi – you know there are pilots…they are flying us…they are doing us a favour – right – flying us. There was a woman who came out from the front. She had proper Hijaab – proper Hijaab! She was covered correctly. She was very well dressed. She carried herself in a very respectful way. She addressed the people in a very respectful way. And I saw her come in and go out. She went in and a little while later they jumped in and the plane started moving. I said Subhaan-Allah – …we are being flown by a sister in the Deen…We are proud of those who can maintain their Deen – their connection with Allah – whilst they have gone to the sky – literally to the sky…” (End of the Menk Shaitaan’s comment)

If one reads the Aayat and the Ahaadeeth quoted above, one will realise that Menk is off-track. Now let us analyse some facts to have an idea of how far the Menk Shaytaan has drifted from the Deen.


The following explanation will give us some understanding of Hijaab and also reveal how deviate and ignorant this Menk chap is of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

1) Women must remain at home

They may not emerge from their homes unnecessarily. It is known as Hijaabul Ash-Khaas Bil Buyoot which means that a strange man (Ghair Mahram man) will not see the woman at all to the extent that he does not see her even with her clothes on. Since he does not see her at all, her face, palms and her entire body is automatically concealed from him.

This is the highest level of Qur’anic Hijaab (Purdah) commanded in at least two Aayaat and proven by several Ahaadeeth. There are at least 24 Ahaadeeth which substantiate the Shar’i Law that women must remain glued to their homes and they may only emerge from their homes for necessities deemed imperative by the Shariah – not so-called necessities which human minds fabricate.

Many women have a misconception regarding Hijaab. Some feel that a cloak and a scarf is a licence for them to go here and there. Others feel that the Burqah warrants emergence from the home. Others feel that the Niqaab justifies that they may go to malls, souks, etc.

However, this lopsided understanding of ‘Hijaab’ is totally incorrect. Whilst the scarf, plain cloak, Jilbaab, Burqah, Niqaab, etc. are undoubtedly items of Hijaab, these items do not sanction a woman to emerge from her home for just any reason whatsoever. And then others are so shameless, that they emerge from their homes without even a headscarf! Have Muslims become so immoral???

So firstly, it will have to be ascertained if the Shariah allows her to emerge from her home or not, and then the Niqaab, Jilbaab, etc. will fall into place. Therefore, one needs to understand that Hijaab is a concept. Hijaab has a purpose and the Noble Qur’aanic Laws of Hijaab are meant for the purity and morality of both men and women. Hijaab is not a licence for Haraam female emergence from the home. Explaining this, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi states:

“The actual aim underlying the divine restrictions and prohibitions of Hijaab is total concealment of women – that they do not emerge from their homes. The main duty of women is to engage in their domestic affairs. Thus, true and original Hijaab directed by the Shariah is Hijaab Bil Buyoot (Concealment within homes).”

2) Female Pilot

To become a professional pilot flying for these international airlines, etc. is undoubtedly Haraam. There is a booklet explaining this in detail entitled ‘Becoming a Pilot’, which is available on the website of As-Saadiqeen Islamic Centre (www.asic-sa.co.za).

The un-Islamic dressing, wearing trousers below the ankles for males, intermingling of the sexes, males looking at females, females looking at males, solitude with Ghair Mahrams, Zina of various degrees, assisting in sin (I’aanat A’lal Ma’siyat), massacring the laws of Hijaab, females emerging from their home, speaking to Ghair Mahrams and so many sins are associated with the profession of becoming a pilot.

The scenario of Menk and the female pilot highlights much of the sins already.

3) The second degree of Hijaab

The second degree of Hijaab is Al-Hijaab Bil-Baraaqi Wal Jalaabeeb which means Hijaab with the Jilbaab and Burqah which indisputably brings the Niqaab within its scope.

In this level of Hijaab, only the ‘person’ is seen covered from head to toe. Her face, palms, beauty, figure and her entire body is concealed from a man. This level of Hijaab which is not the Asl (actual and original) Hijaab is where the Shariah allows a woman to emerge from her home. When she emerges from her home, then she has to be covered from head to toe very unattractively!

This is Qur’aanic as well. The fact that women may emerge from their homes only for necessities, the fact that women must remain at home and the fact that when the Shariah allows women to emerge from their homes, then women must cover their beauty, their faces and their figures are all substantiated by Nass (Qur’aanic and Hadeeth texts).

It should not be difficult to understand that the female pilot is in violation of both the first and second degrees of Hijaab. Thus, it is baseless, deceptive and misleading for the Menk Shaitaan to aver that the female pilot had proper Hijaab! Menk does not know what Hijaab is. He still needs to learn a lot.

4) Dressing up properly:

When one works for an airline company, then it is obvious that the Jilbaab is to be discarded! Does Menk even know what is the meaning of dressing up properly according to Islam?

When males are to wear ties, allow their trousers to hang below their ankles, dress up in Kuffaar uniforms, discard the Topi, then which Muslim in his right mind can ever claim that women will be able to don the Jilbaab, Niqaab, etc. whilst working for these Kuffaar and so-called Muslim airline companies???

Actually, the question of Niqaab, Jilbaab, Burqah, etc. does not come about, as being a pilot is Haraam. Secondly, she is not supposed to be there in the first place. Her cockpit is her home – not the aeroplane! If she wishes, she can ‘fly’ in her dreams at home! But, this female pilot whom Menk satanically praises, did not even don the Jilbaab nor the Niqaab! She was not covered correctly. The Jilbaab is Qur’aanic. And she was not wearing a Jilbaab! Therefore, Menk is in error for saying that she had proper Hijaab.

5) Shaitaaniyyat:

Menk states that he saw her come in and go out. Now read the following Hadeeth. Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:  “Woman from the front is in the form of shaitaan, and from behind is in the form of shaitaan.”

In the authentic Hadith, it is reported: “When a woman emerges (from the sanctuary of her home), shaitaan casts surreptitious glances at her.” That is, shaitaan lies in ambush for females who leave the holy precincts of their homes and venture into the public. He utilizes them to spread fitnahthe fitnah of fisq and fujoor (vice and immorality).

Intelligent people readily understand the Hadith where Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “A woman moves forward in the form of shaitaan, and moves backwards in the form of shaitaan.”  That is, shaitaan utilizes women as traps to destroy their own morals and the morals of men devoid of Taqwa, casting lascivious and lustful glances at the females.

6) Looking at women:

Looking at women is Haraam according to all four Math-habs. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

“Allah curses the one who looks (at females) and the one to whom the gaze was directed (i.e. the woman who emerged unnecessarily from her home and thus caused men to glance at her.)” (Bayhaqi – Kanzul Ummaal – Mishkaat)

Instead of having some shame, Menk advertises his sin of looking at the female – and then too she was not dressed up Islamically.

7) Not Deeni at all

According to the Shaitaan-Menk, this female pilot is Deeni. This is incorrect as has already been explained adequately above.

Just how does Menk and his stupid ilk reconcile the profession of a female pilot and women attending his Haraam lectures with Rasulullah’s order: “Women have no share in emergence (from their homes), except in cases of need.”

Moreover, how do these Menk-Ravat-Moola-Bham-Ninowy-Tariq Jameel-MJC-RIS-Moulood-type donkeys interpret the following Hadith without discarding it down the drain like the modernist Murtads?

“Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallahu Anhu) narrates that once while he was with Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), he (Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam) asked: ‘What is best for a woman?’ Hadhrat Ali said: ‘All the Sahaabah remained silent. When I returned to Faatimah (Radhiyallahu Anha), I asked her: ‘What is best for a woman?’ She replied: ‘They should not look at men nor should men look at them.’ When I mentioned this to the Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), he exclaimed (with delight): ‘Faatimah is a portion of me.’”

8) Immoral conferences

Menk and Solly Ravat of Radio Shaytaan were recently at a conference in Nigeria. Intermingling of the sexes was rampant. The males could clearly see the women and vice-versa.

Therefore, what does Menk, Solly Ravat, Solly Moola, Ninowy, Navlakhi, Bham and all the Shayaateen have to say about the following Hadeeth? Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) also said:  “A man who casts a gaze at a woman, looks at (even) her garments, and discerns her body’s shape, will not smell of the fragrance of Jannat.”

Is the above-mentioned Ahaadeeth, and the innumerable Qur’anic Aayaat and Ahaadeeth not sufficient to declare TV Haraam and all their Shaitaani conferences and Moulood-type Seerat Jalsahs as Haraam? Alternatively, are all of these Mudhilleen in the category of Zindeeqs (Kuffaar) parading as scholars?

Remember, that Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

“Woman is Aurah (an object of total concealment). When she emerges (from her home to enter into the public) then shaitaan casts surreptitious glances at her.” He will most certainly utilize the emerging woman for his plot of fitnah.