(Advising a principal of a Madrasah, Hadhrat Thanvi said): Render service to the extent of your ability. If the funds are depleted and all the mudarriseen (teachers) abandon their posts, then teach a few students at your home. This is within the scope of your ability. Do not fix any target for yourself. The objective of Deeni service is the Ridha (Pleasure) of Allah Ta’ala, and this (i.e. the acquisition of Allah’s Pleasure) is not reliant on factors beyond one’s volitional control. Always remember this principle. Acts which are within your ability should be adopted provided they are not futile. Never contemplate doing what is beyond your ability. If you conduct your life in this manner, both your Deen and dunya will be rectified. Such a person will not be the victim of worry and frustration. His heart will be attached to Allah Ta’ala. Peace of mind is a great treasure. Furthermore, only worry which is self-induced is harmful. Worry which comes of its own accord is not harmful. On the contrary it is beneficial.

[Malfoozaat Hakeemul Ummat]