Maltreating Wives


It is stated in the Hadith: “Treat well women (i.e. your wives) because they are (like) prisoners by you.” It is dishonourable (and cowardly) to maltreat a prisoner who is within one’s control. The term ‘awaan’ (in the Hadith translated as ‘prisoners’) also indicates the need for Purdah. The implication is that women should remain enclosed, and the meaning of living enclosed is Purdah (Hijaab). Furthermore, the purpose of Purdah is Haya (shame and modesty). Haya is a natural attribute of women. (Obviously the masculinised and defeminized shameless women of the western world—both non-Muslims and Muslims—are excluded from the category of modest and pure women—Translator).

Compelling someone to behave unnaturally is abhorrent and the imposition of a hardship. Thus, keeping women in Purdah is not an act of injustice. In reality it is pleasing for them (i.e. for those women whose natural tastes have no been corrupted the poison of westernism).

Imprisonment means restraining the natural disposition of a person. A restraining act which is not in conflict with one’s natural disposition can never be described as imprisonment. A person sits in purdah in the toilet (or while taking a shower). This enclosure should also be described as a prison (if Purdah has to be defined as imprisonment). However, no one says that the toilet is a prison because this enclosure is not in conflict with natural disposition. On the contrary, it is in consonance with nature. Similarly is the Purdah of females. Their being in Purdah is in conformity with their natural disposition. It is therefor highly erroneous to describe their confinement to their homes as imprisonment. (Of course, this does not apply to westernized women of the women’s lib mob whose femininity has been totally corrupted by the administration of the immoral cult which they have adopted).