Tasawwuf is nothing new. The entire Tasawwuf is in the Qur‟aan and Hadith. However, some terminologies and conditions (Haalaat) are accretions. In fact, new terminologies have been introduced by even the Muhadditheen and Fuqaha. These accretions are for ease of understanding, hence are not prohibited acts of bid‟ah.

Such accretions are not bid‟ah (innovations) in the Deen, which are prohibited. These accretions are for the sake of the Deen. While some terminologies of Tasawwuf are different, there is no difference in the Maqaasid (Objectives) stated in the Qur‟aan and Hadith.

The acts of Ahwaal and Mawaajid (spiritual states and experiences) have no relationship with the Maqaasid of the Shariah. The Ahwaal are effects of Thikr and Shaghl which the Mashaaikh have incorporated as guidance for those who experience these effects.

Furthermore, such Thikr and Shaghl are valid with the advice of the Shuyookh. (Unfortunately, such qualified Shuyookh are not to be found today- Mujlisul Ulama). It is extremely harmful for the Taalibeen to study (and implement) these ashghaal.