A’maal Of 10th Muharram

Q. We know that Muharram and Aashura have great virtues. Kindly guide us as to which A’maal should we carry out, especially on tenth Muharram?

A. There are only two A’maal (practices) specific to Muharram which have been authentically narrated from Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam:

  1. Fasting on Aashura (tenth Muharram). Together with the tenth, one MUST fast on either the 9th or the 11th also.
  2. Tawsi’ah (expanding) on one’s family in terms of food and drink. Whilst spending a bit lavishly on the family on the Day of Aashurah is a valid Sunnah, exchanging gifts has no Sunnah significance. Remember that the encouragement pertains to providing lavish meals to the family on the Day of Aashurah.

Besides the above two, it will be imperative to add a third point, viz.

  • Abstention from customs and Bid’aat. Thus, all acts besides the above two, are baseless customs which are Waajib to abstain from. All other acts are impermissible and are Bid’aat.