Azaadville ‘Aalima’ & Shamelessness

Q. An Aalima, in Azaadville who has a degree in theology and is also teaching at a girls so-called ‘Islamic’ University, has advertised a ‘Bliss of Marriage, femininity and intimacy workshop’. In another post she advertises this workshop with such language which is only for adults. I am shocked at the shameless language used publicly by an Aalima who supposed to be from amongst the first ones to teach our young girls shame, but what she must be teaching the girls in Azaadville – I wonder. Please do advise.

A. This is part of the satanic legacy of the unnatural Shaytaani girls Darul Ulooms where girls fly in from other countries without even Mahrams!!! What Hayaa can be expected from such shameless and immoral women? 

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that women are the traps of Shaytaan! This immoral Azaadville Shaytaanah is one of the traps of Shaytaan in Azaadville. Her courses are also immoral! The specific course which you are referring to, does not benefit even prostitutes and porn-‘stars’!

She is encouraging women to stay away from their homes for three days without Mahrams obviously and she is promoting sexual stuff on a public platform! Is this the type of rubbish which such immoral so-called Apas of the girls Darul Ulooms are teaching in public? 

The Molvis and Muftis who approve these public be-hayaa girls Darul Ulooms where girls come from other towns and other countries and board at the female so-called ‘Islamic’ universities without mahrams, also need to get their heads checked up. How can one be so blind not to see the fitnah of these immoral institutions and the filth it spawns to the extent that this Shaytaanah so-called Apa-Aalima even thinks like a prostitute with satanic courses which only appease people with zina minds!!!

May Allah Ta’ala save us from these Fitan which were unheard of before. Aameen