Q. A certain Cape Town ‘Masjid’ have published the following statement: “274 days have passed since Claremont Masjid was temporarily closed in response to South African government guidelines regarding mass gatherings and religious institutions.” It seems as if these people are boasting that their Masjid was closed the longest in South Africa?

A. Long before this Corona plandemic, the Claremont characters perpetrated Kufr. They are not Muslims due to many reasons. Precisely, it is observed that many non-Muslims deliver lectures at this weird temple at the time of Jumuah. Even women deliver lectures at this temple. Their ‘Imams’ and board members are undoubtedly Murtaddeen. They are amongst the worst Kuffaar pretending to be Muslims!

Furthermore, they don’t have a Masjid. It is rather a weird temple. We have seen pictures of how their temple looks in the inside. How can a Muslim even boast about a Masjid being closed? Their claim of being temporarily closed is also a lie. Their temple was permanently closed for 274 days. The fact that their ‘Masjid’ was closed for 274 days, is a clear confirmation of their Nifaaq. And this is in addition to their compound Kufr of trampling on the Shariah and trying to change the Shariah for many decades since their illegitimate inception.

These Claremont Kuffaar closed their ‘Masjid’ even before the government banned mass gatherings. Furthermore, despite the government allowing gatherings restricted to a certain number, these Claremont Murtaddeen state: “as a precaution against the spread of the virus, the Masjid will be closed until further notice.” A sign of a Mu’min is that his heart is attached to the Masjid. But, these Munaafiqeen regard the Masaajid to be super-spreaders of the virus in perfect emulation of the thinking of their athiest masters. Their Kufr-status is palpable.