Q. In Cape Town, there is a council known as Cape Town Ulama Board. They are also known as CTIEC. They seem to be Bid’atis. They indulge in Moulood, appear on TV and it has been observed several times that they violate the laws of Hijaab. They are part of UUCSA. They also agreed that the Masaajid should be closed due to Covid and were friends of the court. A Murtad Munaafiq rubbish lawyer published their article in his presentation to the Kaafir government to keep the Masaajid closed. I am attaching the article so that you could maybe respond to their drivel arguments related to the closure of the Masaajid. Although Covid is ‘over’ now, a refutation could help for future generations if they are also faced with plandemics.

Coming to the main point, they seem to be Shia bootlickers and also publicity seekers. They publicly advertise things such as “yaHussain”. They are having lectures on Karbala and the Ahlul Bayt. They are commemorating the martyrs of Karbala. I am surprised that they are even Ulama! They supposed to know that Ta’ziyah is only for three days and that they are emulating the Shias. The special broadcast is on Ansaar radio. What do you say about them?

A. These Fussaaq are worse than Dajjaal! If Allah Ta’ala grants us Tawfeeq, then Insha Allah a thorough brain-smashing refutation will be published in response to their covid nonsense whereby they deliberately misinterpreted the Qur’aan and Hadeeth and also displayed extreme deficiency in the field of Fiqh.

Regarding programs on the 10th of Muharram and the Karbala lectures, do read the following: https://jamiatnc.co.za/qna/karbala-bayaans-in-muharram/

They seem to be totally oblivious of the fact that the significance of Aashura has NOTHING to do with Karbala. The Islamic New Year is related to Hijrat and NOT Karbala which took place approximately 60 years later! The fact that these UUCSA Mudhilleen went to court to close the Masaajid is sufficient to brand them as Munaafiqeen. When it was the court issue, they sided with the Covid Kuffaar. Now in Muharram, these Cape Town deviates are emulating and siding with the Shia Kuffaar! That is why you find these sell-outs even smiling with Shia agents such as Ninowy & Co.

Do not be fooled by their claims of being Sunni or ‘Ahlus Sunnah’. They are Bid’atis and they belong to the Ahlul Bid’ah. Slogans such as ‘Yaa Hussain’ and ‘Yaa Ali’, etc. are Shia slogans. It is Haraam to emulate the Shias. Thus, giving bayaans on Hadhrat Husain (Radhiyallahu Anhu) and on Karbala during Muharram are not at all permissible.

We hardly see lectures against the Shias from these UUCSA characters, especially in the Cape. But, when it comes to Bid’aat, then they are the first ones to jump on the bandwagon. They have forgotten that those who seek honour with Baatil, will be disgraced with the Haqq. Both the CTIEC and the Cape Town Munaafiqeen Council are Mudhilleen. Stay far away from them! They are TV actors and they even publish photos of women! When they are so rotten and so shameless, then one is convinced that the Zindeeqs are leading the masses to Jahannam. They are only good for feasts, bootlicking and Haraam!