Do you, O Muslim, fear to say that SHIAS are not Muslims? Are you not against the people who say that our mother, Hazrat Ayesha Radhiyallahu Anha committed Zina? (Nauthubillah)

Are you not against the people who say that Hazrat Abu Bakr Radhiyallahu Anhu and majority of the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum are Kaafir? (Nauthubillah)

They say that Hazrat Abu Bakr, Umar, and almost all the Sahaabah are Kaafir, but these Shia kuffaar want to tell us that we should not declare them as Kaafir!

Islam and its Authorities have declared the Shias Kuffaar a thousand years ago. The authorities of the Shariah, Aimmah e Mujtahideen, Fuqaha, Muhadditheen, Mufassireen and many others have declared Shias as Kaafir! Shias are Kuffaar! We are not shy to say this. We are obliged by Islam to say that Shias are not Muslims.

We don’t mind if Abraham Bham and his NNB Jamiat and the MJC oppose us and our views. They are miscreant deviates who have no status in the Shariah other than the status of Mudhilleen.

Innumerable Shaafi Fuqaha have declared the Shias Kaafir and have defended the Sahaabah. The entire Ummah consisting of all the Authorities of the Four Math-habs have always defended the Sahaabah against the slanders of the Shias.

There is no apology for our stance on Shias. Our stance is the stance of Islam, the stance of Muslims. We state the Haqq without fear and without any apology. And this is not hate speech. It is the TRUTH which has always been declared by Muslims since the inception of Shias who falsely claim to be Muslims. They are not Muslims just as Qadianis, Ahmedis and Bahais are not Muslims although they claim to be Muslims.

We are not running a business or some game. We are the defenders of Islam. It is our incumbent duty to defend Islam against the slanders and falsehood which Shias propagate as ‘islam’. Some evil third force is making use of violence to create fitnah and anarchy in the country.

The one who criticizes the Sahaabah and slanders Hazrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu Anhum) is not just a rubbish, but worse than the despicable Shaitaan.

We have no apology to offer to anyone. The Haqq is stated without fear and without making it palatable to the enemies of Islam.

This stance is not incitement for committing violence. We do not condone the killing of anyone. The Shia priest, Khomeni was notorious for issuing fatwas to kill. Rushdi is a good example of the evil agendas of the Shias. We have nowhere stated that Shias should be killed. So don’t accuse the Ulama e Haq of lies as you would be accountable for all your lies and slander.

But, we openly say that Shias are Kaafir. Anyone who believes that our Quraan is forged, is a Kaafir. And this is precisely what the Shias believe.  The reason for them not accepting the authenticity of the Quraan is because Allah Ta’ala defends Hazrat Ayesha Radhiyallahu Anha, and praises the Sahaabah and the pure and noble wives (Radhiyallahu Anhum wa Anhunna) of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam).

This is a fact which Shias must deny in order to substantiate their baatil religion of Kufr. They have legalized prostitution in the name of Mutah.

It has also been brought to our notice that Abraham Bham and MJC are distancing themselves from articles against Shias propagated by the Ulama e Haq. This is not surprising.  They have to question their own Imaan. Or perhaps they are saying so on the basis of the Shia belief of taqiyah. These miscreant deviates are seeking refuge in Shia taqiyah out of fear for their shadows.

The true colours of Abraham Bham and MJC cannot be hidden. They fear shadows and they don’t seem to have true love for the Sahaabah.

Publicizing the kufr of Shias is helping your Muslim brother and trying to save the Imaan of Muslims from the Kufr of Shiism. Can’t Abraham Bham and MJC understand this? No, but indeed they have a dark agenda against Ulama who speak up.

May Allah protect us all from all types of kufr lurking in the Ummah donning the guise of Islam. Aameen

May Allah save us from the Fitnah of Abraham Bham, his NNB Jamiat and the MJC. Aameen