Unity with the Shias -Is it Possible?



The following Malfooz (saying/words of advice) of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahimahullah is undoubtedly some good food for thought, especially these days when some people are trying to force down our throats the issue of being united with Shias!



“When organizations unite on error or sin, opposition to them and dissociation from them become the demands of the Shariah. It is essential for Deeni conscious people, who have joined such organizations for the enactment of the transgression, to dissociate themselves. (The issue of Shiism is much worse. It is uniting on Kufr –JamiatNC)


Nowadays the condition of the people of the Deen is lamentable. While the irreligious people are firm on an issue (of error) on which they have taken a stand, the people of the Deen (the Ulama) are lax. What has happened to them? The irreligious people do what their desire commands them to do and whatever appeals to their opinion. (The Kufr of Shiism is clearer than daylight. Yet, some people are not interested in the truth – JamiatNC)

On the other hand the people of the Deen in spite of being aware that this particular activity is in conflict with their Math-hab or it is unlawful or the method is harmful or this activity is in conflict with the outlook and disposition of our Jamaat, then too they submit to the irreligious people for the sake of sustaining the unity. (How can we unite with the Shias who have several vile beliefs? Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhiyanwi – who was a very pious senior Mufti of Pakistan and who is acknowledged for issuing excellent Fataawa, has mentioned nineteen solid reasons why Shias could be declared as Kaafir. Thousands of Ulama have declared the Shias as Kuffaar, i.e. A shia is a ‘Kaafir’. Insha Allah articles on this will also be published – JamiatNC)

Subhaanallaah, The attainment of unity is from both sides. (Attainment of unity with the Shias is almost impossible. Our pamphlet on Shiism which discusses Allah’s praise for Hazrat Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam’s disunity with the Kuffaar will shed more light on this issue Insha Allah – JamiatNC)


How do we unite with people who accuse our mother of Zina when Allah revealed Aayats proving the purity and chastity of Hazrat Ayesha Radhiyallahu Anha. This alone is enough to show the Shias rejection of the Qur’aan. By declaring Shias as Muslims, we are rejecting the Qur’aan and this will make us Kaafir.


On the contrary, it is Fardh for us to declare Shias as Kaafir. Insha Allah this will be explained in detail in another pamphlet – JamiatNC)

When the other side is not prepared to honour your stand (of Haqq), what type of unity is this? Rather say that you are being subservient to them. Nowadays mutual flattery is described as unity. They therefore fear to dissociate themselves (from baatil). They fear the criticism of the people. They fear being accused of disrupting the unity. (If Shias want unity and they want to be part of Islam, they must firstly declare as Kaafir all those Shia Scholars who wrote against the Sahaabah and also burn all their books – JamiatNC)

Why are you (0 Ulama!) scared of such criticism? Proclaim boldly: “Yes, we have ruined the unity.” (We must say: ‘With Allah’s Fadhl, we will Insha Allah never unite with the Sahaabah-haters’. Those who hate the Sahaabah, hate Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. And obviously, we do not call for violence, despite us having no ‘unity’ with the Shayaateen. We are living in harmony, but Kufr being presented as Islam is totally unacceptable!


Furthermore, it is silly and ludicrous to expect the Ulama-e-Haqq (the real Ulama) to tolerate lies and hatred against the Sahaabah and to tolerate filth in the name of Islam – JamiatNC)

Unity in every circumstance is not desirable nor praiseworthy. In fact, sometimes disunity is desirable. When the Deen suffers by a unity, then disunity is the best course.” (End of Malfooz of Hakeemul Ummat)

The aforementioned Naseehat of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (Rahmatullah Alayh) should serve as sufficient advice and direction for those of our Ulama who have embraced the Ahl-e-Baatil (the modernists), the Ahl-e-Bid’ah (the Grave Worshippers) and the Shias on the Cape Accord issue.

All the arguments tendered by the Ulama for going to Shia temples, bringing Zindeeqs and Mulhideen from foreign countries to lecture the jaahil masses in South Africa to accept Sahaabah-haters as our brothers, participation in Al-Quds Day which originated from the Kaafir Khomeini, etc. are figments of their Shia-influenced imagination. When Shar’i principles are being violated, there is absolutely no good in the benefits which are being imagined. It is the duty of the Ulama to maintain a strong stand on the Haqq and Sunnah.

The doubtful benefits at the expense of sacrificing Islamic and Sunnah principles and practices and even Aqeedah, are to be confounded and rejected. It is our duty to guard the Shariah, not to woo people of deviation and Kufr.

It is our incumbent duty to proclaim the Haqq. By us remaining silent, Muslims are becoming Kaafir by embracing the Kufr of Shiism. How then can it ever be possible for us to remain silent??? The baseless arguments of sectarianism, unity, violence and terrorism by Pro-Shia supporters and symphatisers are all rejected with contempt. We never ever called for violence!!!

Accepting Shias to be part of Islam is in fact accepting Kufr beliefs to be part of Islam. And this is not a play-thing. This actually throws one out of Islam.

May Allah save us from the Kufr of Shiism. Aameen