Every practice of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), irrespective of its apparent superficiality, is a Sunnat worthy of emulation, and on which even a person’s Najaat (Salvation) in the Aakhirah could be achieved. A person who suffers the misfortune of being deprived from Sunnat practices, should be remorseful and supplicate for taufeeq to observe the blessed Sunnat acts of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). But never should one mock any Sunnat practice. The consequences for mockery of any Deeni tenet or act regardless of how insignificant it may appear, can be catastrophic, both spiritually and physically, in this world and in the Aakhirah.

Abu Salmah, a resident of Basrah (in Iraq) was a notoriously insolent person who derived pleasure mocking Sunnat practices. Regarding this most unfortunate, miserable man, Allaamah Qutbuddin Yooqeeni (rahmatullah alayh) narrating from Allaamah Ibn Khalqaan (rahmatullah alayh) said that Abu Salmah was extremely insolent. One day when the virtues of the Miswaak were being explained, Abu Salmah who was also present, derisively commented with extreme insolence and mockery: “I shall use the Miswaak on my anus.” He promptly inserted a Miswaak inside his pants and for a few moments held it on his anus.

Subsequent to the perpetration of this extremely disrespectful vile act, Abu Salmah was overtaken with extreme pain in his stomach and anus. He suffered for nine months. His stomach became bloated resembling a pregnant woman. In the ninth month he gave ‘birth’ to a creature. A rat-like creature emerged from his anus. This creature had four legs and its mouth had the appearance of a fish. Four teeth protruded out of its mouth. Its tail was one cubit (about 9 inches/15 cm). The posterior of its body was like a rabbit.

On its emergence, this frightful creature let out a terrible piercing scream. Abu Salmah died three days after giving birth to this animal which was his punishment in this world for having insolently mocked the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Whilst perishing, he cried that the creature is killing him. Numerous people in the vicinity saw this frightful animal. Some saw it whilst it was alive while others saw it after its death. “May Allah protect us from such vile insolence and evil mocking of the Sunnah. May Allah grant us a Maut on His Beloved Path (the Sunnah), and may He resurrect us (on the Day of Qiyaamah) with the pious Souls.”

(Al-Bidaayah Wan Nihaayah of Ibn Katheer) This awful episode happened in the year 668 Hijri.

Zindeeqs and modernists who’s Imaan has been corrupted and deranged with the pollution of westernism and liberalism should take lesson and fear. The Athaab of Allah which will overwhelm them assumes a variety of forms, both exoteric and esoteric. The Divine Punishment consisting of Allah’s Wrath and Curse, disfigures both the body and the soul. His Chastisement is commensurate to the crime.