Calamity Of A Policeman

WHENEVER A policeman or tax collector or some security officer would pass near to Hadhrat Sufyaan Thauri (rahmatullah alayh), he (Hadhrat Sufyaan) would fall into Sajdah and supplicate: “Shukr unto Allah Ta’ala who has not made me a policeman or a tax collector.” Then he would comment to his associates: “When you see a person apprehended by afflictions, and who will be rewarded by Allah for his patience, then you seek protection from Allah Ta’ala from the hardship in which this person finds himself. However, when you pass by a zaalim (such as a policeman or tax collector) who will be punished for his calamity of sin, then you do not seek aafiyat (protection) from Allah Ta’ala?”

Generally when people see others in unfortunate and difficult circumstances, they ask Allah Ta’ala for protection despite the fact that the afflicted ones who are saabir (patient) will be rewarded abundantly. On the other hand, while an oppressor such as a policeman, tax collector or government official is afflicted with a great calamity, viz. the calamity of oppression and sin, for which he will be severely punished, no one supplicates for protection and safety since they are oblivious of the calamity of sin in which the zaalim is entangled.