Molvi Abdul Haq who was Shaikhud Dalaail narrated: When I was in Madinah Tayyibah, I observed a Bedouin Buzrug daily sitting near to the Raudhah Shareef. His gaze was always focused on the Raudhah Shareef. Neither did he engage much in Nafl Salaat nor any other Wird. I developed muhabbat for him, hence I would sit near to him.

It was the month of Ramadhan. One day he invited me to have Iftaar with him. I politely excused myself for several reasons. I understood him to be a poor person. I was averse to put him to expense. He would most probably serve rice which was detrimental for me. Further, he lived on the outskirts and will be taking me at night time. Being an old man he would walk slowly. I would therefore miss Taraaweeh Salaat in the Musjid.

Nevertheless, he insisted and I was constrained to accept his invitation. I thought to myself that I would complete the meal hastily and immediately leave to be in time for Taraaweeh. After Maghrib Salaat, I accompanied him. The Old Buzrug walked very slowly. After a long while we reached his home. He called his son and instructed him to cook rice. Now I was certain that I would not be able to perform Taraaweeh and Jamaat in the Musjid. The food had as yet not been cooked.

Finally the food which was rice, was prepared and we ate. I ate hastily in the hope of finding the door of Musjid Nabawi open. I would at least be able to perform my own Salaat inside the Musjid.

When I wanted to leave, the Buzrug said that he would accompany me. I became more despondent now. Anyhow, he accompanied me. After some time another person met us. He was an acquaintance of the Buzrug. The Buzrug then left me and went with the other person. I made haste. On reaching the Musjid, I found the door open. There was complete silence. Inside I saw only one person eating his food.

I asked: “Brother, has the Taraaweeh been performed?‟ He responded: “You are mad. It is still Maghrib time.‟ I was astounded. I realized that it was still Maghrib time. The people had left the Musjid to have meals at their homes. I was really bewildered that despite it being so late in the night at the place where I had meals, it was still Maghrib here at the Musjid. I now realized that the Bedouin Buzrg was a Man of Kamaal (an accomplished Wali).