IN WHICH CATEGORY DO YOU FIT? Hadhrat Hasan Basri (rahmatullah alayh) who was among the greatest Taabi-een, said: “People resemble (morally/spiritually) six kinds of animals: lion, wolf, pig, dog, fox and goat/sheep. Asad (lion): The kings are lions, for they oppress the people while no one oppresses them. Thi’b (wolf): The tradersRead More →

One extremely cold wintery night a Buzrug came across a shivering kitten. It was clear to the Buzrug that the kitten would not survive in the extreme cold. Taking pity, he wrapped the kitten in his shawl. At home he wrapped it in a blanket. It was a deed done and forgotten. Many yearsRead More →

After some discussion, the Khalifah asked if he had any need. Hadhrat Daawood Taai said: “Yes, I want you to bring for me a bag of flour which you should carry on your head.” Surprised at this queer request, Haroon  Ar- Rashid said: “I shall bring it during the nightRead More →

QAADHI Shamsuddeen was a famous Buzrug during the Uthmaani (Ottoman) Khilaafate. Once in his court the Sultan had to appear to testify in a certain matter. After the Sultan had testified, the Qaadhi rejected his testification (shahaadat). Afterwards when the Sultan had queried the reason for the rejection of hisRead More →

There was a Sayyid who was living in a hut near to the sea. His condition was indeed wonderful. During the fifteen years he lived in the hut, he did not even take a rest. He was perpetually engrossed in ibaadat. Once he had made wudhu only one time inRead More →

WHENEVER A policeman or tax collector or some security officer would pass near to Hadhrat Sufyaan Thauri (rahmatullah alayh), he (Hadhrat Sufyaan) would fall into Sajdah and supplicate: “Shukr unto Allah Ta’ala who has not made me a policeman or a tax collector.” Then he would comment to his associates:Read More →

BARKAT OF AASHURA A Muslim prisoner escaped from the kuffaar on the Day of Aashura. A search party was pursuing him. The searchers reached his location during the night time. From his concealed position, the Muslim supplicated: “O Allah! By the barkat of this Day save me from the kuffaar.”Read More →

PROCLAIMING THE HAQQ Addressing  the  cruel,  blood  thirsty  tyrannical  ruler,  Hajjaaj  Bin  Yusuf,  Hadhrat  Hasan  Basri (rahmatullah alayh) said: “O enemy of Allah! We have seen whatever you have fabricated. O you who fans the flames of fisq and fujoor (evil and immorality)! O you devotee of sin and transgression!Read More →

SERVANTS OF THE AULIYA   Once Hadhrat Sahl Bin Abdullah (Rahmatullah Alayh) found himself in a lonely, secluded wilderness where he experienced a wonderful state of peace and tranquillity. It was time for Salaat. Although he was in the state of wudhu, it was his permanent practice to renew wudhuRead More →