There was a Sayyid who was living in a hut near to the sea. His condition was indeed wonderful. During the fifteen years he lived in the hut, he did not even take a rest. He was perpetually engrossed in ibaadat. Once he had made wudhu only one time in 12 days. With one Wudhu he had performed Salaat for 12 days. He would not eat anything for several days on end, and when he would eat, it would be something very dry, like stale dry bread.

Once, after returning from the city where he had gone to perform Eidul Fitr Salaat, he found a man performing Salaat in his hut. Standing outside, he thought: “He must be a musaafir. What shall I feed him?” The Sayyid did not have any food to serve to the stranger. As he was thinking, the stranger from inside the hut said: “Don’t worry about food. Only bring some water.” The Sayyid brought water, and when he entered he saw the stranger had placed warm bread and almond halwa (a sweetdish). The bread appeared to have been just taken from an oven. The Sayyid was astonished. Understanding his astonishment, the stranger said: “There is no need for surprise. There are such servants of Allah, who obtain whatever they desire.’ Both sat down to eat. After meals, the stranger suddenly disappeared.

O Reader! There is no need to wonder at the Sayyid who had not slept for 15 years and who would perform the Salaat of many days with a single wudhu. Allah’s Qudrat (Power) is Great and Wonderful. The Thikrullaah and the Divine Love of the Auliya sustain even their physical bodies just as Tasbeeh sustain the Malaaikah. The dominance of Roohaaniyat (spirituality) imbues the Auliya with these abilities. Their souls gain greater power and domination over their physical bodies. Tasbeeh, Muraaqabah, Muhasabah and Divine Love sustain the Arwaah (Souls) and bodies of the Devotees of Allah who have annihilated their nafs and their very being in the Flames of His Love. Time and space have no relevance in the spiritual and celestial spheres. Therefore, O Reader! Wonder not with doubt in the Divine Mysteries which are unfathomable to your heart mired in crass materialism. But wonder with admiration and awe and yearn for Divine Proximity, and say: ‘I love the Saaliheen although I am not of them. Perhaps my Rabb will bestow to me rectitude.’