People are under the impression that a man is perfectly pious when he fulfills the ritual obligations of Salaat, Saum, Hajj, Zakaat and dealings. This idea is incorrect. A man of perfect piety is one whose Zaahir and Baatin are reformed and adorned. There are many so-called deendaar (religious) personsRead More →

According to Durr-e-Mukhtaar the six fasts of Shawwaal may be incorporated with Qadhaa fasts (to acquire their thawaab as well). But this is incorrect. Tadaakhul (or incorporation of two different acts of ibaadat) will be proper if the purpose of both could be achieved by the incorporation, e.g. Tahayatul Musjid.Read More →

Someone asked: “Why is it not permissible to flee from a plague?” It is not permissible for the same reason that fleeing from the Battlefield of Jihad is not permissible. Life is not our property. Where the order of Allah Ta’ala is to protect life, it shall be protected, andRead More →

Reformation of deeds and Istighfaar in abundance are efficacious for eliminating a plague/epidemic. (This is also the solution for all calamities which are generally the consequences of sin and transgression.)Read More →

Athaan which is proclaimed during a plague is bid’ah. Similarly the athaan at the graveside after burial and at the time of supplicating for rain (Istisqaa) is bid’at.Read More →

A beardless man (one who shaves his beard) should not be offered Salaam (i.e. one should not say ‘Assalaamu Alaikum’ to him). However if one believes in one’s own superiority (i.e. I am better than him), then it is necessary to greet him. (This is to remedy one’s pride).Read More →

The Faqeeh also explains his proofs and codes of law with regard to his research, but the example of these proofs are like the eyes. His walking is not dependant on a walking-stick. Allaah Ta’ ala has blessed the Fuqahaa with ‘eyes’, which are the instrument of Ijtihaad. They areRead More →

When I was a mudarris (teacher) at Madrasah Jaamiul Uloom in Kanpur, there was a plague. In a dream I saw a Buzrug who advised me to recite Surah Qadr fully thrice and to blow on the food of the patient for cure and health. The efficacy of the prescriptionRead More →