Servants Of The Awliyaa



Once Hadhrat Sahl Bin Abdullah (Rahmatullah Alayh) found himself in a lonely, secluded wilderness where he experienced a wonderful state of peace and tranquillity. It was time for Salaat. Although he was in the state of wudhu, it was his permanent practice to renew wudhu for every Salaat.
However, there was no water in sight. While he was grieving over the lack of water, he suddenly saw a big bear walking on its two hind legs approaching him. From a distance, it appeared as a human being. As the bear neared, Hadhrat Sahl saw it holding a green jug full of water. The bear placed the jug in front of Hadhrat Sahl and greeted with Salaam.
In surprise Hadhrat Sahl asked: “Where does this jug of water come from?” The bear responded: “O Sahl! We are wild
animals. Today we were discussing amongst ourselves about the People of Allah (Ahlullah) who have renounced worldly relationships for the sake of Allah’s love, and have adopted tawakkul. Suddenly we heard a Voice saying: ‘Sahl is searching for water to renew his wudhu.’ Then I took this jug and two Angels alighted. Whilst in the air, they filled the jug with water.”
Hearing this explanation from the bear, Hadhrat Sahl fell down unconscious. When he regained consciousness, the bear had disappeared, but the jug of water was there. Hadhrat Sahl made wudhu. When he was about to drink from the water, he heard a Voice saying: “O Sahl! It is not yet your time for drinking this water.” Suddenly the jug moved and disappeared into thin air.