Ambassadors for Islam Reject All Kufr ‘Precautions’

eBook: Ambassadors for Islam Reject All Kufr ‘Precautions’

  • Full Book Title: Ambassadors for Islam Reject All Kufr ‘Precautions’ — Response to the Arguments of the Munaafiqeen Cowards
  • Release Date: 21 Jamaadal Ula 1442 (5 January 2021)
  • Publisher: Jamiatul Ulama Northern Cape
  • Format: PDF
  • File Size: 1.33 MB


All praise is due unto Allah Ta’ala, the One and Only Being who is in full control of the entire universe.

Durood and Salaams upon Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam who categorically negated contagion when he so beautifully stated: LAA ADWAA – There is no contagion.

An inappropriate lecture of Moulana Khataani is doing its rounds on social media. It has been brought to our notice that Moulana Khataani is remorseful for whatever he had said and he has retracted all the Baatil which he mentioned in his Bayaan.

Since Moulana Khataani has retracted his view and has made ‘Taubah’ for all the nonsense that he spoke, we do not regard it as appropriate to condemn Moulana Khataani. Moulana Khataani has realised his folly, Alhamdulillah.

However, there is another angle to the whole story which also deserves attention. This Bayaan has gained much popularity, especially amongst the Munaafiqeen.

But, the retraction has not gained much popularity. Maybe a public retraction from Moulana Khataani will allow some sense and sanity to prevail! Another explicit Bayaan from Moulana Khataani against the Kufr protocols will do the trick Insha Allah, especially if it comes within the scope of the following Aayat:

“And We hurl the Haq on Baatil. Then, suddenly it (Baatil) vanishes.”

Moulana Khataani is requested to hurl the Haq on Baatil as he has all along been doing. Nevertheless, we have decided to hurl the Haq on the retracted Baatil which the Munaafiqeen have cowardly latched onto without any fear for Allah whatsoever.

Moulana Khataani has retracted his erroneous views. But, it seems as if some people are unaware of his retraction. Furthermore, the Munaafiqeen will still quote his arguments even though he retracted all the points which were in conflict with the Shariah.

So whilst Moulana Khataani will not be upbraided by us because he has retracted his view, the arguments and points of the Bayaan which are now being publicized by the Munaafiqeen undoubtedly deserve a fitting response.

Several points in the Bayaan are indisputably in favour of the Kufr protocols. The Bayaan, although retracted, has aided and encouraged the Munaafiqeen in their satanic plots of rejecting the Laa Adwaa Fatwa of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and interfering with innumerable Ahkaam of the Shariah.

Those who are hiding behind Moulana Khataani are spineless cowards. They should not quote Moulana Khataani as Moulana has retracted his view.

It has been seen that many are quoting the arguments mentioned by Moulana Khataani – arguments which he himself feels ashamed of. He has expressed his remorse for blurting out statements in defence of the Kufr protocols. Although we have not accorded the title of Munaafiq to Moulana Khataani, those who continue defending the Kufr protocols will earn for themselves the Munaafiq label.

Since the Munaafiqeen are not prepared to desist from quoting the deceptive arguments mentioned in the Bayaan and many people are being misled, the following is a refutation of some of their arguments.

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