Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “The body nourished with Haraam will not enter Jannat.” (Mishkaat)

1. The Fatwa of every genuine Mufti is that pork/bacon/liquor flavoured products are Haraam. A product which resembles Haraam is Haraam. Tashabbuh (emulation and imitation) with Haraam is Haraam as explicitly mentioned by the Fuqaha. A product which resembles a Haraam product is undoubtedly Haraam. It is common-sense that a pork-flavoured product resembles pork as it gives the flavour of pork!

A person with healthy Imaan will readily understand that merely the name ‘pork’ or the flavour ‘bacon’ is sufficient to render the product Haraam.

2. The scourge of the so-called Halaal councils is understood by the recurrence of ‘Halaal’ logos perennially appearing on Haraam products. In every instance below, the ‘Halaal’ logo appeared on the filth. A few examples follow:

  1. Melrose Bacon Cheese – MJC [March 2020]
  2. Pork Griller – MJC [December 2019]
  3. Classic Pork – MJC [November 2019]
  4. Ham flavoured Chips – SANHA [August 2019]
  5. Red Wine Vinegar – SANHA [July 2019]
  6. Hot Cross Buns – MJC [April 2019] & also SANHA [2012]
  7. Pork at Pick n’ Pay Tokai – MJC [November 2018]
  8. Pork in Food Lover’s butcher – MJC [July 2018]
  9. PORK Fat – Woolies Bakery – SANHA [July 2018]
  10. RJ’s – HFSA [July 2018]
  11. Sausage Saloon – Some Shaytaani so-called Halaal Council [April 2018]
  12. Pork Airline Food – MJC [December 2017]
  13. Ham Sandwiches – MJC [November 2017]
  14. Food Lover’s Haraam Jellies and gums – SANHA [September 2017]
  15. Steers Sun City – SANHA [October 2015]
  16. Bom Russians – NIHT [October 2015]
  17. Pork Biltong – SANHA [October 2015]
  18. Israeli Chocolate – SANHA [August 2015]
  19. Donkey meat – Saudi Airlines [ August 2015]
  20. Alcohol drunk at so-called ‘halaal’ restaurant – SANHA [August 2015]
  21. Pork Noodles – Saudi Arabia [August 2015]
  22. Pick n’ Pay Haraam Pies – SANHA [July 2015]
  23. Pick n Pay Pork Russian & Chips – MJC [May 2015]
  24. Ola Rum & Raisin Ice Cream – SANHA [December 2014]
  25. Pork Bacon Bones – ICSA [September 2014]
  26. Pork in Cadbury Chocolates – Malaysia [June 2014]
  27. Haraam gelatine in Bakers biscuits – NIHT [May 2014]
  28. Pork Boerewors – MJC [April 2014]
  29. Pork and Donkey meat – Cape Town & UK [March 2013]
  30. Pick n’ Pay Pork Wors – MJC [August 2012]
  31. Pork Polony – ICSA [August 2012]
  32. Pork Kebabs – UK outfit [May 2012]
  33. Orion – MJC [January 2012]
  34. Pick n’ Pay Pork Chops – NIHT [October 2011]
  35. Bacon & Avo Steers burger – SANHA Eid Feat [September 2011]
  36. Lancewood Ham flavoured Cottege cheese – SANHA [November 2010]
  37. Nestle Rum & Raisin Ice Cream – SANHA [February 2009]
  38. Pork Spice – SANHA [2007]

In the above account, whilst the MJC’s name appears 12 times, the infamous SANHA compounds its opprobrium and notoriety with their name appearing at least 15 times. They even attempted to ‘defend’ the PORK with porky arguments.  In addition, what about all the Haraam commercial chicken, beef and mutton certified as Halaal? Then what about all the Haraam restaurants and Haraam butcheries certified as Halaal!

3. The above teaches us some important facts:

Fact NO.1 – Supervision is a myth. Sanha, MJC, ICSA, NIHT, and every other Shaytaani so-called Halaal council fool none other than themselves. There is absolutely no supervision at the Haraam abattoirs and Haraam factories.

Fact NO.2 – The scholars for Dollars ALSO certify plants and factories in which rum, ham, bacon, pork, liquor, and many other Haraam products are present. Can such Scholars For Dollars ever be trusted?

The appearance of the Halaal sign on Haraam products is a recurring problem. Every now and again, such an occurrence takes place. The recent bacon flavoured Melrose cheese saga, should be an eye-opener to intelligent Muslims.

We say intelligent, because many are not intelligent. Instead of acting intelligently, they stupidly argue that it is ‘halaal’ certified or approved or it has a ‘halaal’ logo when they are advised that a certain product is Haraam. They want to be stupid, so they land up eating much Haraam. Consequently, they are addicted to Haraam, especially the Haraam so-called ‘Halaal’ restaurants, and the so-called ‘Muslim’ Butcheries and Abbatoirs. The vast majority of ‘Muslim’ restaurants and ‘Muslim’ butcheries are Haraam here in South Africa and other parts of the world.

As far as the so-called ‘Halaal’ non-Muslim restaurants and so-called ‘Halaal’ non-Muslim owned abattoirs or butchers are concerned, they are ALL HARAAM!

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Soon will there dawn an age when nothing of Islam will remain except its name – nothing of the Qur’aan will remain except its text. The Musaajid will be elaborate (and ornate) structures, but bereft of guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be the ulama. From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”