Molvis And Western Education


A Molvi relative of Hadhrat Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) who was a Waa-iz (lecturer) sent his sons to acquire western education. Hadhrat Thanvi was extremely annoyed and grieved. Despite Hadhrat Thanvi forbidding his relative from this move, he ignored it. Hadhrat then forbade the Molvi from corresponding with him. Hadhrat commented:

“He (the Molvi) accepted this (i.e. severing of the relationship) for the sake of western education. I said to him: Are you not ashamed of yourself delivering wa’z (lectures) while you are sending your children for western education? If you were not a Molvi, I would not have been so considerably displeased. But, you sit on the Mimbar and encourage people towards the Deen yet you send your children for western education!”