Most certainly it is not permissible to choose one sin in an endeavour to abandon another sin. A sin has to be avoided and abandoned (not remedied with another sin, for this is a satanic deception). For example, the cure for the urge of the lustful gaze (to look at a ghair mahram), is not to give vent to the prompting of the nafs and to derive pleasure by looking (justifying the haraam look with the argument that after the nafs has been satisfied, it will refrain from such looks). The incumbent requisite (and remedy for the disease of haraam gazes) is to restrain the eyes from the very inception of the development of the nafsaani urge. Although this may appear difficult, one has to exercise control and apply pressure on the nafs to restrain it.

A man used to organize bid’ah celebrations on the 10th Muharram justifying the practice with the argument that his celebrations of the 10th Muharram prevented people from participation in the Shiah celebrations. A Molvi gave him a befitting reply. He said that on the basis of his argument, he should organize celebrations on the Hindu days of Diwaali and Holi so that people (Muslims) who attend these celebrations (of kufr and shirk) would abstain therefrom and attend his functions. The factor of sin is common to both kinds of celebrations.

[Malfoozaat Hakeemul Ummat]