Valentine’s Day



Allah Ta’ala says: “And do not go even near to Zina. Verily, it is shameless and an evil way.”


In another Aayah, Allah Ta’ala states: “Do not incline towards the Zaalimeen (oppressors).”

There is no place for be-hayaai (shamelessness) in Islam. Islam is a beautiful religion. And shamelessness is ugly and filthy. Modesty is a beautiful quality which is incumbent upon all Muslims. For the achievement of such beautiful Islamic values, it is necessary for Muslim parents to inculcate and develop the praiseworthy quality of Hayaa and Hijaab into their children from the cradle. However, since Muslim parents are themselves so shameless, they create aversion and hatred for Hijaab in the hearts of their young children. Thus, most Muslims behave and conduct themselves like be-hayaa Kuffaar!

The Zina Day of Valentine’s Day is a day for shameless Kuffaar, not for even fussaaq Muslims.  It is absolutely not at all for Muslims. Those who claim to be Muslim, should not have the slightest truck  with this immoral Valentine’s Day. It is an evil day to be celebrated by Zaanis (adulterers) and Zaaniyahs (adulteresses). In the above Aayat, Allah Ta’ala has warned us to stay very far from the ways of the  Kuffaar.  Many people have already tasted the devastating consequences of haraam relationships, which is the consequence of following the ways of the Kuffaar.

The very first Aayah states that we should not even approach near to Zina. Zina is abhorrently  Haraam and everything which leads to Zina is abhorrently Haraam. The reason for the flood of zina is the abandonment of the Hijaab system. 99% of Muslims break the laws of Hijaab. With a television at home, one cannot  even  dream of observing the laws of Hijaab as one is involved in watching women, and women watching men.  Everything is  Haraam on TV, videos, movies, cinema, etc.

Amongst the evils in which Muslims are involved on the Haraam behayaa (shameless) Shaitaani Zina Valentine’s Day are:

  1. Zina. The actual act of adultery/ fornication. The punishment for Zina is very severe. In an Islamic system, if Zina is established, then the stoning of death (Rajm) is the punishment, if the perpetrator is a married person. The punishment of stoning to death or 100 lashes (for unmarried persons) indicates the severity of committing Zina that a person has to be stoned to death or lashed so many times in order to acquire ‘purification’ from the filthy act of Zina! In the Aakhirat, Jahannam is the punishment where their bodies will stink like sewage.

The following is part of a lengthy narration which took place on the night of Me’raj:

“Then (Rasulallah sallahu alayhi wasallam and Jibraeel alaiyhis salaam) passed by people who had in front of them cooked meat in a pot, and in another pot rotten uncooked meat. They were eating from the pot containing the rotten uncooked meat ignoring the cooked meat. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) asked: ‘Who are these people?’ Jibreel (Alaihis Salaam) replied: ‘They are people of your Ummat who have lawful and pure wives yet they turn to impure women and spend the night there. Similarly this is the condition of that woman who leaves her lawful and pure husband and goes to an impure man where she spends the night.”

  1. All the steps which lead to Zina, are also regarded as Zina. Immorality is not supposed to be  found in Muslims. But Muslim parents are the major cause for destroying the Islamic morals of their children by sending their children to Jahannam right in this world. The schools and universities are Jahannam for a Muslim. It is absolutely Haraam to send one’s children to secular schools, Muslim schools, colleges, technikons or universities! These Kaafir schools and universities are ‘hotbeds of Zina’!Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has mentioned that the eyes commit zina and their Zina is looking (at Haraam such as ghair mahrams); the hands commit Zina and their Zina is touching (Haraam such as ghair mahrams); the feet commit Zina and their Zina is walking (towards Haraam); the mouth commits Zina and its Zina is kissing and speaking  immoral filth; and the heart desires and wishes and the private parts either accept/confirm this (i.e. commits the actual Zina) or it rejects (all the preceding acts of Zina of the eyes, hands, feet, mouth, etc. and stays away from the actual Zina).
  2. Zina of the eyes. Looking at the opposite gender. It is Haraam to look at ghair Mahrams. Even the first ‘intentional’ gaze is Haraam. Despite knowing that ghair-Mahrams are approaching us or that our eyes would fall on ghair Mahrams, we simply don’t care. We enjoy Haraam and have no shame whatsoever that Allah Ta’ala is looking at us. Where is the ghairat (honour) which we Muslims supposed to possess? Have we forgotten that the eyes which Allah has bestowed unto us, are His Ni’mat which may not be abused? Why have we become so insensitive to the laws of Allah?
  3. Zina of the ears. Listening to the voice of ghair-Mahrams. This is a major disease. Phoning ghair Mahrams is Haraam. We should make Taubah for this and all sins.
  4. Zina of the tongue. The Shariah prescribes strict Hijaab between ghair-Mahrams. It is Haraam to make Salaam to ghair-Mahrams. Unnecessary and uncalled for speaking to ghair-Mahrams is Zina of the tongue which is Haraam!
  5. Zina of the heart. When a person does not observe Hijaab properly and he entertains Shaitaani and lustful thoughts regarding a ghair-mahram man or woman, then the heart inclines towards that woman/man and  he/she takes enjoyment from such inclinations. We should fight our Nafs, otherwise it is also a type of Zina.
  6. Zina of the hands. It is extremely shameless to shake the hands of a ghair-Mahram. This is absolutely Haraam. Furthermore, some are even more shameless. They touch, hold and fondle ghair-Mahrams. All these acts lead to the actual Zina. It is mentioned in Surah Yaseen that the hands and feet will speak against such people on the day of Qiyaamah when the tongues will be sealed. Unnecessary and uncalled for texting and communication with ghair Mahrams are also part of Zina!
  7. Zina of the feet. Walking towards ghair Mahram women, etc.
  8. Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar (Imitating/emulating the Kuffaar). It is Haraam for Muslims to imitate Non-Muslims in their Haraam valentine’s day activities or to behave like Kuffaar on this day of Zina.
  9. Boyfriends-girlfriends. This is absolutely Haraam and one of the key stepping-stones towards the actual act of Zina. A Muslim should be dignified. The girlfriend-boyfriend concept is a be-hayaa concept for people interested in Zina. It is Shaitaaniyyat and a path to Jahannam.
  10. Valentine’s Day cards and messages. It is Haraam to send Valentine’s Day cards, sms’s, mms’s, whatsapp messages, tweets, emails, etc. The custom of valentine’s Day is a baseless Haraam custom.
  11. Haraam functions and parties. It is Haraam to have valentine’s day parties, dinners, braais, dances, balls, family-gatherings, etc. We are Muslims and we should not behave like the enemies of Islam!
  12. Roses. This is another Haraam custom. Giving out roses on the Zina Day of Valentine is Haraam.
  13. Wearing red on Valentine’s Day. This is absolutely Haraam. Remember: we are Muslims!
  14. Wastage of money. Spending on issues and things related to Valentine’s Day such as buying flowers, having functions, giving out chocolates, etc. is Haraam. Those who waste are the family of Shaitaan.
  15. Selling Valentine’s Day products. It is Haraam to sell valentine’s day cards, teddy bears, roses, mugs, pens, and other specific Valentine’s day gifts. Don’t contaminate your income with Haraam. Likewise, it is also Haraam to buy, advertise or to be involved in any way whatsoever with such Haraam. In short, we as Muslims should boycott Valentine’s Day. This is the demand of true Imaan!
  16. Violating the laws of Hijaab. The purpose of Hijaab is the moral purity and spiritual upliftment of the Ummah. Without Hijaab, the Ummah will be morally depraved as it currently is. Most Muslims break the laws of Hijaab. We have forgotten that one day we are going to die, and Allah is going to ask us about this. Breaking a law of Allah is very serious. We should treat Hijaab seriously.

But the very opposite of Hijaab is be-hayaai (shamelessness). Without observing proper Hijaab, we are opening the doors of Zina. And that is why there is so much Zina in our Muslim communities amongst unmarried and married people to the extent of even wife-swopping and prostitution! The filthy immoral and promiscuous Valentine’s Day is totally in conflict with the pure system of Hijaab.

Furthermore, people don’t know what is Hijaab. Hijaab is not just a scarf. The highest form of Hijaab is that a woman should remain at home. If there is a valid necessity recognised by the Shariah, then she may leave her home on condition that she is accompanied by a Mahram male, does not intermingle, her entire body is covered, her face and hair are covered and that she wears a Jilbaab – not an Abaaya, outside her home!

Hijaab is not meant to attract the opposite gender. Hijaab in fact keeps ghair Mahrams apart. And colours like red and pink are very attractive. There is no way that it could be permissible for a woman to wear pink and red when she leaves her home or in front of ghair Mahrams. The Shariah also prescribes that ghair Mahrams should not be in the same room. This is also violated by most Muslims!

A Muslim woman who has hayaa, will not allow a ghair Mahram to see her face. In fact, she abhors even a ghair Mahram looking at her shadow, never mind even her clothes. Most Muslim girls dress  like prostitutes. Jeans and tops are not for Muslim women. It is for the immoral prostitutes. Jeans and tops reveal the shape of a woman’s body and a woman who wears such clothing is cursed in Islam.

  1. Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam has mentioned that the persons who will receive the most severe punishment on the Day of Qiyaamah, are those involved in pictures. May Allah save us and may He grant us Hidaayah to stay away from all animate photos and pictures. Taking, keeping, sending, publishing, sharing, etc., digital or non-digital pictures of animate objects are Haraam! The angels of mercy do not enter the home which has such pictures. That is one of the reasons why TV, videos, movies, cinema, facebook, etc. are so evil. They are the weapons of Shaitaan and Dajjaal!
  2. Intermingling of the sexes. How many Muslims abstain from Haraam intermingling? We greet and even speak to ghair Mahrams. This is shameless and unbecoming of true Muslims. Everyone complains about the sad plight of the Ummah, but we are the very same Ummatis who break the laws of Allah as if we are going to live forever and that we will never die and see the Qabr. Every single person will taste Maut. Death is inevitable. We are only going to live in this world once. So let us prove to one and all that we really love Allah and His Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam by observing the laws of Hijab strictly and without being concerned of what Fussaaq have to say about Hijaab.We are ordered by the Shariah to make strict Hijaab, but 99% of the Ummah does not want to observe this law of Allah. We find an avalanche of stupid excuses to justify Haraam intermingling and the shameless abandonment of the laws of Hijaab. So, how then is the Ummah expected to progress? Allah’s punishment is around the corner and every soul shall taste what he has sent forth for himself.It is best to make Taubah and begin observing the laws of Hijaab before it is too late…

    The above details are a few reasons why Valentine’s Day is Haraam. It is Haraam and shameless for a Muslim to be associated with Valentine’s Day in any way whatsoever. Even printing cards and assisting others as well as Kuffaar towards valentine’s Day is Haraam. It is Haraam to sell Valentine’s Day products even to Kuffaar. Zina is evil and shameless. Homosexuality, lesbianism and promiscuity have no place in Islam!

  3. Chocolates. It is necessary for all Muslims to exercise caution with regards to chocolates. There are many Haraam chocolates on the market. Most of the chocolates are doubtful. A Kaafir cannot be trusted when it comes to food. In fact, even Muslims cannot be trusted as many Muslims lie and conceal the truth. Therefore, one must be careful what one eats.Chocolates containing shellac are Haraam. Shellac is derived from an insect. May Allah save us from consuming such filth. Another haraam ingredient used in the flavourings, is ethanol or other types of alcohol. Most chocolates contain flavourings. And the ‘law’ states that any alcohol less than 0,5% does not have to be stated in the ingredients. It is regarded as ‘alcohol-free’.But, Islamically, it is not ‘alcohol-free’. It is Haraam! The same applies to soft-drinks, ice-creams, etc. One needs to be careful with regards to all of these commercial products. Other chocolates contain vanillin. This is also a doubtful product. Some sweets contain Haraam gelatine. Even the gelatine from Pakistan is not trustworthy. One cannot rely in this age on the Halaal certifiers because they are only concerned about money and their reputation and how many people they can ‘approve’ and ‘certify’.

    They have no concern for the Deen whatsoever. There is a huge amount of scholars for Dollars in this age. One is the halaal-certifiers. The other is the Haraam so-called ‘Islamic’ finance scholars. And another is the Salafis who have their programs and courses at halls, centres, etc. All of them are selling the Deen. We are sure that some moron scholars are not against Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, these Shayaateen are finding excuses to make every Haraam thing Halaal.

  4. Saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. It is Haraam to say Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Christmas, Happy Easter, etc. We have to view things within the Islamic context. Good character lies in following the ways of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam whereby opposing Kuffaar ways is integral to beautiful Akhlaaq. With regards to these Haraam type of sayings, one murtad so-called ‘Mufti’ Abu Layth character from Birmingham has attempted to defend such Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar by claiming via implication that saying ‘Happy Christmas’ is good character taught to us by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. (Nauthu Billah)Attributing a lie deliberately to Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam is a sign of Kufr. The fact that he quotes moron Qardawi is enough to show that he is lost. Only lost characters quote Qardawi and other morons in their so-called ‘Fatwas’ of baseless opinion. But the moronic self-professed zindeeq of Birmingham who even dresses up and looks like a Kaafir is unaware that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:

    “Most assuredly, you will follow the ways of those before you inch by inch, cubit by cubit so much so that if they enter into a lizard’s hole, you too will certainly enter it.” The Sahaabah asked: “O Rasulullah! (Do you mean) the Yahood and the Nasaaraa?” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Who else?” (Bukhari, Muslim, etc.)