Salah Abul Haaj On Women Attending The Masaajid

Q. A deviate states: “I asked Shaykh Dr. Salah Abu’l Haaj almost 5 years ago about women performing Salah in the Masjid. Not only did he say that the fitna nowadays is for women (in the West) to not attend the Masjid, but also that the fatwa of disallowing them is extreme and erroneous.” Kindly advise?

A. Salah Abul Haaj is a moron Zindeeq. He speaks drivel and rubbish on a range of issues. This is in addition to his fisq. Whilst he states that the mas’alah of women attending the Masaajid is based on Fitnah, the Zindeeq is too blind to realize that the Fitnah of women attending the Masaajid is a million times worse in this era in comparison to the noble Khairul Quroon era of the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum.

Whilst he professes to be a Hanafi, he seems to be extremely liberal and attempts to legalize prohibitions based on his puny understanding of Fiqh. His sciolism and jahaalat do not convince him to seal his lips and shut up instead of blurting out nonsense in the name of the Hanafi Math-hab. His views on the beard, transporting liquor, leasing out premises for Haraam issues, his indulgence in photography and videos and his Baatil moronic view on the permissibility of women attending the Masaajid convinces us of his deviation and Mudhil status!

Despite claiming to be a Hanafi, it is indeed surprising that he exhibits ignorance and tries to override the Fuqaha who have explicitly prohibited women from attending the Masaajid as well as any public lectures of Ilm on the basis of fitnah. The fitnah can never be eliminated by allowing women to attend the Musjid. The way of preventing the fitnah is for women to remain at home. But Mr. Haaj conveniently omits the Qur’anic command of women remaining glued to their homes. Women should not emerge from their homes except for emergencies explicitly permitted by the Shariah. The consequence of violating the limits of the Shariah are evil and immoral.

The problem of fitnah (immorality) cannot be addressed and eliminated by opening up further avenues of fitnah. The avenue of fitnah has to be closed to eliminate the evil. The mass presence of women in the streets and malls is no justification for defiling the sanctity of the Masaajid by polluting the minds and gazes of the fussaaq which are in abundance nowadays even in the Masaajid.

Women who miss their Salaat as a consequence of visiting the malls and roaming in the street cannot be blessed with Musjid facilities. In the first place they are not supposed to be in the malls and bazaars. They should not venture out of their homes at times when there is the fear of missing Salaat. A Mansoos Hukm of the Shariah cannot be abrogated for the benefit of accommodating the supposed deeni needs of faasiqah and faahishah women who prowl around in the malls and streets. Let it be known that all those ‘niqaabi’ women who roam around in the public domain are included among the faahishaat and faasiqaat. The Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal does not permit them to defile the Masaajid with their unholy presence.

The view of prohibiting women from the Masaajid is neither erroneous nor extreme. For purposes of edification, the very first to enact the ban on women attending the Masaajid were the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum, in case the jaahil Salah Abul Haaj is unaware of what is written even in the Kutub of the Math-hab he claims to be following. Moreover, this ban took place during the best of eras. Yet, the jaahil implies that the Fatwa of the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum is erroneous and extreme. There is something extremely amiss with the brains of this Haaj character. Does he even know that the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum threw small pebbles on the Day of Jumu’ah to deter women from the Masaajid? Yet, he promotes women attending the Masaajid in this era! This ‘Sheikh’ has undoubtedly lost the path.

The argument that women are now on the streets prostituting themselves holds absolutely no validity for the moves to cancel the Sunnah. The wanderings of women in the streets, hypermarkets and malls, their presence in shops, offices and factories working side by side with males and their nocturnal emission from the home to prowl venues of moral villainy can never constitute a basis for changing, mutilating and abrogating any institution of the Shariah.

The solution for the already confirmed khurooj (emergence from the home) of women is not the establishment of institutions which offer them further impetus for entrenchment of their lewdness. The solution is Ta’leem –to educate them.

The duty of the Ulama is like that of the Ambiya whose obligation according to the Qur’aan was: “Upon us is only to deliver the Clear Message (the Shariah).” Effecting changes to the Ahkaam of the Deen on the basis of satanic ‘wisdom’ is nothing but the dismantling of the Shariah. The Yahood and Nasaara excelled in such stunts, hence today there remains not a semblance of the Shariah of Hadhrat Musaa (Alayhis salaam) and Hadhrat Isaa (Alayhis salaam).

Why is Salah Abul Haaj and other morons silent about the first degree of Hijaab – the Fardh degree – as stated in the Qur’aan Majeed: qarn fil buyoot (to be glued inside the homes)? Deviates have abrogated this Qur’aanic command to justify the haraam khurooj of women. It is Haraam for women to attend the Masaajid!!!

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