Allah Ta’ala states: “In fact, man has insight over his nafs although he puts forth excuses.” (Surah Qiyaamah, Aayat 14-15)

Firstly, if the intention is to sincerely aid Palestine, why can the money not be donated without the need to organize Haraam fun rides and Haraam fun walks?

Secondly, the fun rides and fun walks will comprise of much Haraam. Nafsaaaniyyat, Riyaa (showing off) and Tashabbuh Bil Kuffaar are salient features of all these Haraam Shaytaani publicity stunts. How are joyrides, fun walks and waving flags  going to ‘help’ Palestine when EVERYONE knows deep down their hearts that all these acts are just to appease the Nafs and are in emulation of the Kuffaar!!! 

There is no need to show off your donation in the street. Remain at home, change your Kuffaar lifestyle and Haraam dressing, adopt the Sunnah, abstain from all sins and make Dua for the Palestinians and understand very well that nothing can thwart the Athaab of Allah which has befallen the Palestinians as a consequence of their gross rebellion unto Allah Ta’ala. When are we going to fear Allah’s Athaab?   

It is time to reflect and ponder over our sins. It is not a time for screaming like hooligans and jumping like monkeys on the road! This is not the time for cheap and filthy publicity! It is a time for us to turn to Allah Ta’ala and bring Deen into our lives. Let us fear the Athaab of Allah overtaking us too because of our flagrant sinning and our brazen violation of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Thirdly, the Shayaateen have an entry fee or a price of R50 for any shameless moron who intends participating in the silly walk or ride! It is Haraam to participate in this walk and the money collected from such Haraam functions is also Haraam. Your Zakaat, Lillah and Sadaqah are not validly discharged for fun walks and fun rides!

Fourthly, neither the AMA nor the IMA have stated that women should not come out of their homes for such fun rides and fun walks. On the contrary, women are lured out of their homes for such satanism. This establishes the Faasiq-Zindeeq status of the IMA and the AMA! We can comfortably say that there is not a single Aalim who will hesitate in declaring Haraam the participation of women in such shameless bootlicking stunts in the name of Palestine!

Fifthly, when it is known that the IMA, AMA, Samnet, and all similar organizations are in the category of Fussaaq and Zindeeqs,  then how can a genuine Muslim be so gullible and naïve to entrust his Lillah, Sadaqah or Zakaat to such morons?

Sixthly, the enemies of Islam even term their advert as a ‘FUN WALK’. Astaghfirullah! Don’t they have any shame whatsoever? They speak of FUN, whilst our brothers and sisters are suffering in Palestine AND in other parts of the world! Indeed, such organizations who still have time for Kuffaar-style ‘fun’ at this crucial time in the Ummat, are undoubtedly Munaafiq sell-outs who don’t deserve a cent.

Seventhly, they speak of ‘modest wear’! What is modest wear according to the IMASA Munaafiqs?  They don’t have even a faint idea of modesty as they shamelessly publicize photos of women also! The very emergence of women for the walk or the ride is Haraam! But Zindeeqs will definitely disagree with this Shar’i Law. The talk of Palestinian colours further aggravates the violation of Hijaab and depicts coonery and bootlicking the Kuffaar! Whilst Palestinians are being murdered, Muslims all over ‘murder’ the Laws of Hijaab! What then could be expected besides the Athaab of Allah when the Shayaateen even justify all their Fisq and Fujoor!

Finally, the ‘Mozlem’ Schools associated with these merrymaking functions are only Muslim by name. And the so-called ‘Ulama’ involved in such Haraam are confirmed rubbishes.  Muslims should be wary of all the Shaytaans who have clambered onto the Palestinian bandwagon for the sake of the boodle. Furthermore, many of these organizations that are organizing these publicity stunts in the name of Palestine, are inveterate Zindeeqs or Munaafiqs. It is Haraam to give them even a single cent.