Allah Ta’ala states: “Verily, the Masaajid are for Allah.” (Surah Jinn)

Kindly read the book: Naming & Shaming to understand why Shar’i terms such as ‘Munaafiq’, ‘Zindeeq’, etc. are used to describe people with ‘Arabic’ names who oppose Muslims from performing their Salaat at the Masaajid.


In his recent voice-note, the Munaafiq states:      

“Moulana, see, my-our view is very simple. We keep the lockdown going till next week Thursday. You making such a big court proceeding for what – for one Jumu’ah. We don’t know what’s going to happen next week.”

RESPONSE: Mr. Bum – you don’t know what’s going to happen next week. But, your Munaafiq Jamiat called for the suspension of Salaat with Jamaat at the Masaajid already on 22nd March 2020 even before the government issued such a decision.

When you called for Salaat with Jamaat to be suspended at the Masaajid even before the lockdown which you yourself had acknowledged on 5 April 2020, then what is the purpose of saying that we keep the lockdown going? Who are you trying to fool? Munaafiqs of the ‘Community Endorsement’ of your Jamiat?   

All of a sudden, you hypocritically speak of one Jumu’ah and make it seem to the masses as if missing one Jumu’ah at the Masaajid is all-perfect. What is bothering you? If you don’t want to perform your Salaat at the Masaajid during this virus-period, then why prevent others? Why is it that you want to prevent Muslims from performing Jumu’ah Salaat at the Masaajid? Who are you trying to please? What does a Munaafiq achieve by trying to prevent Muslims from the Masaajid?

In addition, what about all the other Salaat with Jamaat which are to be performed in the Masjid. Munaafiqeen obviously pretend as if they are unaware of the Wujoob of performing Salaat with Jamaat at the Masaajid. Performing Salaat with Jamaat at home is so dangerous for one’s Imaan that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam intended to burn the houses down of those men who, for no valid reason, abstain from Jamaat Salaat at the Masaajid. Was it not for the women and children, their houses would have been burnt down as explained in the Noble Ahaadeeth.

It is NOT a valid reason for Baaligh men to abstain from Salaat with Jamaat AT THE MASJID because of the feeble excuse of possibly falling sick. In which Fiqh Kitaab is it written that one may abstain from Salaat at the Masjid because of the fear of falling ill? Were there no plagues in the past? Greater trials happened in the past, but not a single Faqeeh of the four Math-habs – not even one authority of the Shariah in the history of Islam – has ever opined that Salaat with Jamaat at the Masaajid should be suspended. Those who argue for the suspension of Salaat at the Masaajid, are academically bankrupt. Hitherto, not a single valid proof has been forwarded and Insha Allah all their baseless arguments will be thoroughly refuted.

When Bum’s Jamiat issued their stinking call for the suspension of Salaat already on 22 March, then Bum’s talk of ‘one Jumu’ah’ reeks of hypocrisy. Besides Jumu’ah, missing just one Salaat with Jamaat enrages the Mu’mineen. Whilst the Munaafiqeen are not affected by not performing Salaat at the Masaajid for palpable reverend-type reasons, Mu’mineen are affected!

How can your Munaafiq Jamiat state: “We cannot allow the masajid to become the epicenters of the spread of the pandemic.” How can the Orchard of Jannat be the epicenter of the spread of the Covid-19 virus? Is that how low you think of a Masjid? In addition, you Jamiat and UUCSA chaps boast of having so many members and affiliates! However, you Munaafiqs do not even know the significance of the Masjid!

The statement: “We keep the lockdown going till next week Thursday” also reeks of Nifaaq. Your Jamiat commenced the ‘lockdown’ of the Masaajid even before the government! In addition, if the lockdown is extended, then what? Your view is simple. We agree. It is plain and simple Nifaaq!

Aggravating Bum’s Nifaaq is: “You making such a big court proceeding for what – for one Jumu’ah.” This is istikhfaaf of Jumu’ah Salaat in the Masjid. And Istikhfaaf is Kufr.  It is clear that Bum does not understand the importance of Jumu’ah Salaat performed in the Masjid. Furthermore, whilst Bum complains about a Muslim proceeding to court for one Jumu’ah, he remains dumb regarding his Jamiat proceeding to court merely for name and fame!

For name and fame, Bum & Co. lured the Ulama-e-Haq to court over the petty issue of a name – the rotten name of ‘uucsa’ and ‘jusa’! What is more important? One Jumu’ah or the rotten names of your ‘Jamiatsa’ and ‘uucsa’? Your Nifaaq stinks!


“So, what what is the whole purpose of putting yourself in the spotlight that Muslims want exemption?”

RESPONSE: Who is the one who always wants to be in the spotlight? Bum can give us the golden answer! The Munaafiq complains about a Muslim putting himself in the spotlight by being concerned about his Salaat in the Masjid, but overlooks that his Jamiat is running to court and putting themselves in the spotlight for the sake of a name which stinks of Hubbe-Jah (love for name and fame). And what about all the other spotlight acts of Fisq in which these TV Munaafiqs are wallowing? Why is an exemption for MUSLIMS to perform Salaat in the Masjid bothering the Munaafiqeen? Why is the Munaafiq putting himself in the spotlight against Musallis who wish to perform their Salaat at the Masaajid?


“We know what happened in India with regard to Nizaamuddeen. We know what happened in other parts of the world where Muslims have been blamed for the for the err transmission of the virus. Do we want something like this to happen here?”

RESPONSE: Instead of defending the Tableegh Jamaat, Bum utters nonsense. The Kuffaar and Western Media have been using Muslims as a scapegoat for decades. Munaafiqeen, Murtads and Zindeeqs are always in the good books of the Kuffaar – but never the Mu’mineen. Accusing the Tableegh Jamaat of transmitting the virus, is expected only from Kuffaar or Munaafiqs!

How can a group of men engaged in Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahi Anil Munkar – the work and responsibility of every Nabi and also every Ummati (Muslims – not Munaafiqs) be blamed for the spreading of the virus? The virus spreads with the Command of Allah. Why is Bum thinking like a Kaafir? Why doesn’t the speech of the Munaafiqeen conform to Rasulullah’s categorical rejection of contagion?

Furthermore, it is incorrect to compare any other place to the Masjid. The Masjid is solely the House of Allah. The Masjid plays an important role in the life of a Baaligh Muslim male. For women, Allah has assigned the home-role. (Surah 33, Aayat 33)


“Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala has given us religious freedom here. Why do we want to create ourselves as we are separate from the entire country when the entire country is at a lockdown? And I can’t understand this whole particular situation. And that also for one Jumuah. Next week. What is going to happen? Only Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala knows.”

RESPONSE: Religious freedom! Does Bum know what religious freedom is? Religious freedom includes performing our Salaat at the Masaajid! How does a Munaafiq speak about religious freedom, but in the same vein supports the view of the Masaajid being ‘closed’, ‘suspended’ or whatever term these Munaafiqeen describe their act of Zulm? Only hypocrisy upon hypocrisy is found in the speech of these Munaafiqeen.

Why do we want to create ourselves as we are separate from the entire country when the entire country is at a lockdown? Because we are different! We are Muslims! We are not Munaafiqs, Zindeeqs or Murtads with ‘Muslim’ or Arabic-sounding names.

“And I can’t understand this whole particular situation.” It is true that the Zindeeqs, the Murtad lawyers, the Munaafiq organizations, the Murtad Medical Associations, the Murtad Networks, the Murtad Junk Councils, the Murtad Chambers of Clowns, and all those supporting the Fordsburg Jamiat and the MJC – they all can’t understand this whole particular situation. This is undoubtedly true.

How does one expect a Munaafiq to understand the importance of the Masaajid? How does one expect a Murtad to understand the importance of Salaat with Jamaat in the Masjid? We don’t expect Munaafiq-Zindeeqs to understand these things as they are not Muslims even though they sport names which sound ‘Islamic’.

The Munaafiq is not capable of understanding the importance of one Salaat with Jamaat at the Masjid or just one Jumu’ah at the Masjid. No wonder, the Munaafiq is found at Haraam weddings, amongst women, on TV, intermingling with the opposite gender, taking photos, burying a Muslim in the non-Muslim section of a cemetery, indulging in interfaith Kufr, part of the carrion clique, participating in Haraam functions, bootlicking, violating the laws of Hijaab, etc. etc. etc.

The Munaafiq confirming his hypocrisy over and over says that only Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala knows what will happen next week. His hypocrisy does not allow him to understand that only Allah knows who will be infected with Corona. His hypocrisy does not allow him to understand that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “There is no contagion.”

The Munaafiqeen also speak of Allah Ta’ala. This obviously does not make them Muslim. If they really believe in Allah, then why are they ignoring the explicit negation of contagion stated by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam? A person who rejects Ahaadeeth is a Murtad. One can never be a Muslim if one does not believe in what Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said.

The fact that the Munaafiqs and Zindeeqs called for the closure or the suspension of Salaat at the Masaajid for the masses even before the government’s decision, is clear evidence that they believe that diseases are contagious. Their Kufr is glaring. But Alhamdulillah, Muslims believe in what Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Laa Adwaa – there is no contagion.”


“So, why are we putting all our efforts for one Jumu’ah now when Ulama throughout the world have given you know Uk and there it is not even an issue that they have followed what the government has said because of the reasons. The major Muftis of the country have given permissibility. So, really I can’t understand what what the whole thing is. So in our situation, we have made it very clear. Obey the lockdown and maybe if you do obey the lockdown. Maybe the curve flattens. And Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala will open us up for with regard to Ramadhaan.”

RESPONSE: A Muslim will put all his efforts even for one Salaat at the Masaajid. The talk of Ulama throughout the world is laughable. No Muslim, leave alone an Aalim, will be happy with the Masaajid being closed. This is unacceptable to the true Mu’mineen. There is no Aalim who agrees to the Masaajid being closed or suspended for Salaat with Jamaat for the masses. Only Zindeeqs, Munaafiqs and Murtads will agree to the Masaajid being ‘closed’.

As far as the Ulama of the UK are concerned, we do not follow them. We follow the Shariah. Mr. Bum should present their Fataawaa and dalaail for scrutiny. Nevertheless, the following is important to understand:

1. If the Ulama of the UK or anywhere else agree to your Jamiat suspending congregational Salaat even before the government placed a lockdown, then they are Munaafiqs just like you. Quoting this name and that opinion means nothing to us. Quote the Shariah to us. Don’t shoot blanks.

2. Even though the government has banned religious gatherings, etc. a Muslim does not agree with it. Preventing Musallis from the Masaajid is never permissible in Islam. A Muslim cannot further the cause or approve the laws of the government which are in conflict with the Shariah. This is Kufr!

When the government closed the Masaajid, then the Ulama temporarily issued the Fatwa of the permissibility of Jumu’ah at homes with certain conditions. But this does not mean that the Ulama and the Mu’mineen are satisfied with the closure of the Masaajid. Only Murtads will be pleased with such a Kufr law.

It is perfidious to speak of obeying the lockdown. What about obeying Allah! If the lockdown demands that we shave our beards, then what will the Fatwa be of the UK Molvis, Bum, MJC, and all the other Zindeeqs, Muftis and Molvis? Preference is given to the Shariah over any other law. It is Waajib for Baaligh men to perform Salaat with Jamaat at the MASAAJID! Suspending Salaat at the Masaajid on the flimsy excuse of the future possibility of becoming ill due to some virus, is an act of Kufr. This is not a valid excuse for suspending Salaat at the Masaajid or for closing the Masaajid. But, this excuse is valid for the Munaafiqeen and Murtaddeen.

Why should healthy people be prevented from the Masaajid when Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam categorically stated that there is no contagion. We do not know what curve the Zindeeq is speaking about. The Munaafiqeen and Murtaddeen should be ‘flattened’! No law can supersede the Law of Allah!


“I mean no one is so terrible that he doesn’t want to go back to the Masjid. What type of situation is this? We Thirty five years we are Imaams, we have been attached to the Masjid. We are Munafiqs all of a sudden. We don’t want to go back to the Masjid. I think people need to have a little of a broader understanding in this particular regard. Jazaakumullah”

RESPONSE: Bum is a terrible Munaafiq. The whole gang of uucsa are Munaafiqeen. On our website there are articles pertaining to the Zindeeq Faasiq President of uucsa – Ihsaan Taliep. The issue is not of going back to the Masjid. The issue is the terrible act of preventing Musallis from the Masaajid. The situation is that Allah is exposing all the Zindeeqs, Munaafiqs and Murtaddeen.

Thirty five years you the Imaam. But, for the last twenty years, you’re still so blind. And you’re getting blinder by the day. And yes, you are an ‘Imaam’. You are the ‘Imaam’ Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam spoke about in the following Hadeeth:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah such Aimmah (Imaams, muftis, molvis and sheikhs such as Munaafiq Bum) who are mudhilleen (men who mislead others).”

According to the Hadeeth, one of the traits of a Munaafiq is that when he talks, he disgorges lies. The Munaafiq claims that his heart is attached to the Masaajid. But he does not even care about one Jumu’ah. Moreover, he makes it seem as if the Masjid is only for one Jumu’ah. The Mu’mineen are losing out on the five daily Salaat at the Masaajid which Munaafiqs will never be able to understand.

Bum states that all of a sudden he is a Munaafiq. Not all of a sudden. Long ago, you were already drowning in Kufr, Fisq, Fujoor and Nifaaq. You have a long list of acts of Kufr in which you are involved. No Fatwa of any Shaytaan is going to save you on the Day of Qiyaamah. You committed Kufr long ago. And much more is expected from you. Your broader understanding in this regard is broader Nifaaq.

All those who agree to the suspension of Salaat at the Masaajid or the closure of the Masaajid are MUNAAFIQEEN.