Allah Ta’ala states: “Thus have We appointed for every Nabi enemies who are human devils and jinn devils. They whisper to one another adorned statements of deception (for misleading and deceiving).” (Surah Al-An’aam Aayat 112)

At the very outset, we make Shukr unto Allah Ta’ala for blessing us with the great Ni’mat of Ulama-e-Haq within our country. These Ulama-e-Haq have always stood up for the Shariah against the enemies of Islam who are experts in the art of Zukhrufal Qowl (satanically adorned statements) intentionally calculated to mislead the masses.

There are some Shaytaani organizations pretending to be ‘Islamic’ or ‘Muslim’, issuing comical statements addressed to the ‘Muslim’ community. Maybe they are not addressing the Mu’mineen, but instead the Munaafiq communities of their ilk!

These Shaytaani organizations have requested the Munaafiqeen to suspend their congregational gatherings. However, we as Muslims should remember that the statements of the medical Shayaateen and their cronies do not apply to us.

What applies to us Muslims, is the practical lifestyle (Uswah-e-Hasanah) of Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam. This is what we have to follow. We do not have to listen to the medical Shayaateen even if they deceptively dub themselves as some stupid network of ‘Muslims’ (actually Zindeeqs) or an organization of some so-called ‘Islamic’ medical professionals. If they were really Islamic, they would not have opposed the petition of the Muslims requesting the government to open the Masaajid. Their public opposition to the Muslims and the Masaajid deracinates their Imaan.

The following issues are important:

1) Masjid guidelines amid Covid-19. We reject the laughable guidelines of the Masaajid which all these Shayaateen have published. For example, some have published entry forms which Musallis should complete before entering the Masaajid.

They treat the Masaajid like some town council or municipality where a form has to be filled in. On one form, a Musallah number is allocated. This is how silly some of these medical chaps have become. They wrote letters to the Kaafir government to ensure that the Masaajid remain closed. But they never closed their surgeries! Is the Masjid inferior to the surgery of a doctor?

2) Another stupidity is the QR code system at some Masaajid. Indeed, the trustees and Imaams of such Masaajid, are signs of Qiyaamah. Some Masaajid are charging fees like tourists entering some museum! Some Masaajid have registers like children attending the Haraam schools of Fisq and Fujoor! When we need the Help of Allah so that our Masaajid could again be fully open according to Kufr Law, we find people with Muslim names stabbing the Shariah even more.

3) As this article is being written, a stupid letter from some khanaazeer was forwarded to us which states that the Ulama should practise social distancing. These doctors are acting too big for their boots. Satanic distancing in Salaat is Haraam and our detailed booklet will be published soon Insha Allah. All genuine Ulama have spoken against social distancing in Salaat. Despite ravaging plagues during the era of the Salafus Saaliheen, etc. there was no interference with any law of the Shariah.

4) Furthermore, a letter of some Zindeeq lawyer (Wakeelul Munaafiqeen) was also forwarded to us opposing the Masaajid to open. The Zindeeq of the humurum mustanfirah camp complains to the government of the language of the Ulama-e-Haq which he terms as derogatory, yet he is too stupid to understand that a spade is called a spade. Why doesn’t the lawyer inform the government of the word Kaafir mentioned in the Qur’aan for those who rule in conflict with the Shariah? Allah Ta’ala states: “Those who do not govern according to that (Shariah) revealed by Allah, indeed they are the kaafiroon.” Is this also derogatory, Mr. Lawyer?

5) Others are advising Musallis to use alcoholic sanitizers. What sense does it make that the Wudhu Khana is closed, but a person should use an impure sanitizer? Everyone agrees that water is pure, but not everyone will agree that alcohol is pure! Many regard alcohol to be filth. Now is it intelligent to impose upon a Musalli a sanitizer which he regards to be filthy, nauseating and impure? The Masjid is not the house of the trustees. They cannot impose social distancing, sanitizers or any other stupid regulation upon any Musalli.

Their Kufr attitude implies that the virus will spread in the Wudhu Khana, but everyone using the same sanitizer will save the lives of the whole congregation! Indeed, those with Muslim names who are imposing the sanitizers, are really from the ahmaq category! The Mu’mineen should not perform Salaat under humiliating conditions.  

6) The Shayaateen have issued statements which call for Salaat with Jamaat to be temporarily suspended. Did Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam or the Sahaabah Radhiyallahu Anhum ever suspend congregational Salaat due to sicknesses or plagues? Indeed, the enemies of Islam lurking within the medical fraternity pretending to be Muslims, really need to go for a check-up – tests to diagnose the level of their Nifaaq and Kufr.

7) We disagree with the medical Zindeeqs. They should first learn to adopt proper Islamic attire such as Topis and Kurtahs for the men and Niqaabs, Jilbaabs, etc. for the women. The men should have beards of at least a fist length, women should grow long hair and ensure that their hair is covered at all times. The Medical chaps should practically implement all the laws of Hijaab in their practices. The medical chaps should frequently visit The Ulama-e-Haq to learn the Masaail of Istinjaa and for subsequent tests. These medical chaps also need to be enlightened regarding the harms of vaccination. They also need to be taught that photos, TV, etc. are Haraam.