Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Soon will there dawn an age when nothing will remain of Islam but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan but its text. The Musaajid will be populated (and adorned) whilst bereft of Guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be the ulama. From them will emerge Fitnah, and the Fitnah will rebound on them.”

From as early as 1988, Fitnah emerged from some Cape Town Mudhilleen who were clamouring to have Eid on the same day as Makkah. Many of the 1988 Mudhilleen who are living today, have turned out to be from the category of the Zanaadaqah. Hence, we find them in the forefront of some of the following acts of Dajjaalliyyat:

  • Women leading men in Salaat
  • Female speakers at the Masaajid
  • Astronomy to decide Islamic months
  • Rejecting Taqleed and the four Math-habs
  • Shaytaani so-called unity with Kufr regimes.
  • Discarding the Shar’i system of sighting the moon with the naked eye.
  • Permissibility of TV and/or halaalizing music
  • Rejection of Hijaab, Niqaab and/or legalizing intermingling of the sexes
  • Promoting LGBTQ – homosexuality which renders them Murtaddeen.
  • Not declaring Shias as Kuffaar
  • Undermining the Shariah with the Kufr of ‘re-interpretation’ or ‘renewal’.
  • Promoting the Kufr of interfaith and much more…

Keeping the above Shaytaani acts in mind, the impermissibility of having Eid with Makkah is even more comprehensible and obvious by the following details:

1 – According to all four Math-habs, the principle: “For every city is its sighting.”, is a valid tenet. All Math-habs accept it.

2 – There is no Math-hab which advocates a unitary Eid. The concept of ‘global moon-sighting’ or ‘Eid with Makkah’ never existed in Islam nor is there any indication in the Shariah for the adoption of this concept spawned just a couple of years ago by juhala, Zindeeqs and fussaaq.

3 – Eid during the era of the Sahaabah, Taabi-een, Tab-e-Taabieen and throughout Islamic history was comfortably celebrated on different days without the development of discord and disunity.

4 – There is no principle/tenet of the Shariah on the basis of which incumbency could be claimed for the whole world to celebrate Eid with Makkah.

5 – According to the Shaafi’ Math-hab, moon-sightings are valid only for places within a radius of 48 miles. The Fuqaha have adopted 48 miles on the basis of it being the distance a traveller is allowed to perform Qasr Salaat.

6 – While according to the Hanafi Math-hab, sightings of distant places are valid if reliably reported, neither is transmission of sighting information nor acceptance thereof incumbent. There is explicit Nusoos of the Saheeh Ahaadeeth to substantiate this fact. And such has been the Ta-aamul of our Akaabir Ulama.

7 – The Shariah does not impose on the people of one city to institute measures for adopting the sightings of other places.

8 – The declarations of ‘sightings’ from Saudi Arabia are absolutely dubious and exceptionally unreliable. An Islamic month is not established on the basis of just any rumour. It is a fact that Saudi Arabia does employ calculations for the determination of the Islamic months. In addition, the Saudi regime excels in Fisq and Kufr. This is besides the fact that there is no reliance on the Salafis.

9 – The proposal of forging a superficial ‘unity’ with Saudi Arabia or neighbouring states is on a basis which has neither precedent nor validity in Islam. There is absolutely no need for this alien idea. The need is to maintain the local harmony, and this is possible only by relying on our local sightings.

10 – There is no need for a global zone or a need to plot a universal Islamic calendar which never were Islamic objectives since the inception of Islam. The idea of a global zone and a unified or one Islamic calendar for the entire Muslim world is not only nonsensical, it is also satanic. In fact, they are suffering from moon madness.

The plot of a universal calendar and the conspiracy of having ‘Eid with Makkah’ is an attempt to scuttle the Shariah’s Waajib moon-sighting principle of Rooyat (seeing the moon with the eyes). It is an attempt to undermine the Shariah, which is kufr.

A fitting description of the moron ‘scholars’ whose occupation is futile conferences and webinars where only hot air is blown, is the Qur’aanic aayat:

“And, among people is he who dispute about Allah (about His Laws) without (sound) knowledge, and he follows every rebellious Shaytaan.”

The silly arguments of those who follow the rebellious Shayaateen, will be thoroughly refuted Insha Allah. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“We fling the Haqq on Baatil. Then it smashes its (i.e. Baatil’s) brains out. Then suddenly it vanishes.” (Surah Ambiyaa, Aayat 18)

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Name him so that the people are saved (from the Fitnah within) him.” “He who remains silent when the Haqq is trampled upon, is a dumb Shaytaan.”  “Verily, I fear for my Ummah, the Aimmah-e-Mudhilleen (so-called Molvis, Sheikhs, Muftis and Imaams who mislead the masses).”


May they miserably fail with such Shaytaani schemes. Aameen