Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Shun what casts you into doubt and adopt that which does not cast you into doubt.”

Sanha published an alert regarding three of Cadbury’s products, viz. Chomp, Lunch Bar and P.S. The notice averred that the three mushtabah (doubtful) chocolates contain Tartaric Acid/ Cream of Tartar from wine sources, thus Not approved by Sanha. Kindly exercise caution.

Subsequently, the Sanha Shaytaan published flash news No.198 which is a story of deception in a nutshell. Sanha’s answer to the very first question adequately reveals its incompetency in Fiqh and an attempt to browbeat its stupid followers. People who follow halaal councils are extremely stupid to say the least.

The silly question reads as follows: “Has SANHA declared these products Haraam?

This was indeed the first question in the flash news of the Ulama-e-Soo after alerting carrion addicts of a product, which contains an ingredient from WINE SOURCES!!! Everyone with a healthy brain spontaneously understands the implications. Sanha is implying that the chocolates are Haraam! Despite this, Sanha’s very article of deception has proven the zigzaggery in its answer to the unnecessary question.

Sanha stupidly states: SANHA has not issued any announcement or pronouncement declaring Cadbury’s products Haraam.”

Response: What is the status of a product one has to exercise caution from? Is it Haraam or Halaal? Does Sanha advise people to ‘kindly exercise caution’ from halaal products too? Obviously not! If the product is truly Halaal according to Sanha, then the alert, the red highlighting of wine sources by sanha and the bold command of ‘KINDLY EXERCISE CAUTION’ are all pointless. So, who is Sanha trying to fool?

Either it is mushtabah or Haraam according to Sanha, hence the notice from the carrion purveyor! But wine sources as every Muslim should be or supposed to be aware of, is not something which belongs to the mushtabah (doubtful) domain. Wine is Haraam! Thus, the phrase ‘wine sources’ carries the Haraam connotation. Yet, Sanha betrays its intelligence and stupidity by saying that it has not issued any announcement of the products being Haraam despite their claims of wine sources!!!

Fooling its stupid followers, the Sanha Zindeeqs very deceptively state: “Declaration of Halaal/Haraam is deemed an extremely sensitive and critical matter in terms of the Shari’ah.”

Comment: So obviously! Every genuine Muslim treats every teaching of the Shariah with importance and accords every act of the Shariah the sensitivity it deserves. However, Sanha certifies chickens which are not slaughtered properly and upon which Tasmiyah is not recited as Halaal! Anca Chickens, Earlybird and Rainbow are three conspicuous examples. Hence, Sanha will not be able to fool intelligent people into believing that it is so concerned about the Shariah! Such Sanha-type attempted deception is part of their carrion notoriety and skullduggery.

Then talking more nonsense, the Shayaateen aver: SANHA has thus always adopted a cautious approach and accordingly advised its constituency of its finding of the use of an ingredient derived from wine source.”

Response: “Cautious” – what a joke! Yet, zigzagging like a snake, it states: “Use of a wine derived ingredient is neither condoned nor permitted by SANHA.” Furthermore, the sanha devils similarly asserted as follows: “We firmly believe that when there are abundant Halaal alternatives available, industry should not be allowed to use ingredients from non-Halaal animal and wine liquor derivation in the manufacture of Halaal products.”

Does Sanha regard ingredients derived from wine as halaal? If not, then why not proclaim it Haraam? Sanha’s abstention from the Haraam proclamation is misleading to say the least! Why the phobia for the word Haraam? Is Sanha planning or hoping to certify Cadbury in future, hence the deliberate abstention from the word Haraam?  Are ingredients neither condoned nor permitted/approved by Sanha, Haraam or Halaal? Are Sanha not permitting or approving even Halaal stuff?

Furthermore, in the context of cream of tartar, Sanha brought up the talk of ‘abundant Halaal alternatives available’ and ‘wine liquor derivation in the manufacture of Halaal products’. Keeping all of this in mind, it boggles the mind as to how they abstain from declaring the product Haraam when according to all their statements, every single implication of sanha means it is Haraam.  When Sanha certifies so many doubtful things and even Haraam as Halaal and they completely lack supervision, then it is indeed ludicrous to assume that sanha believes those chocolates to be merely doubtful and not Haraam! Just refresh one’s memory with the following:

  • wine sources
  • Not approved by Sanha
  • Wine derived ingredient
  • Neither condoned by Sanha
  • Not permitted by Sanha
  • abundant Halaal alternatives available
  • Industry should not be allowed to use ingredients from non-Halaal animal and wine liquor derivation in the manufacture of Halaal products…

Furthermore, when a Muslim has no confidence in the declarations and undertakings of a certain individual or company, then how can one trust them? Their products are undoubtedly doubtful. Moreover, Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam commanded us to abstain from Mushtabah (the Doubtful) in all spheres of life. The Shariah teaches us that those who indulge in Mushtabah will ultimately fall into Haraam.