99 Trees For Azaadville




Allah Ta’ala commands: ‘And (O Women!) Remain firmly in your homes.’

(Surah 33 – Aayat 33)


‘And, when you (men) ask them (women) something (of need) then ask them from behind a screen. That (form of Hijaab of the separating screen) is purest for your hearts and their hearts.’ (Surah 33 – Aayat 53)


Whilst it is meritorious to plant trees, etc. it is Haraam for women to participate in public projects – projects which entail them to commit the following Haraam acts:


  1. Emergence from the home for a reason not recognized as valid according to the Shariah. According to Islam, it is not permissible for women to emerge from their homes for planting trees. Planting trees is not a valid Shar’i reason for the permissibility of females emerging from their homes. It is Haraam for women to emerge from their homes unnecessarily.


It is known as Hijaabul Ash-Khaas Bil Buyoot which means that a strange man (Ghair Mahram man) will not see the woman at all to the extent that he does not see her even with her clothes on. Since he does not see her at all, her face, palms and her entire body is automatically concealed from him.


Allah Ta’ala commands women to remain glued to their homes. This is the highest level of Qur’anic Hijaab (Purdah) commanded in the above-mentioned two Aayaat and proven by several Ahaadeeth. There are at least 24 Ahaadeeth which substantiate the Shar’i Law that women must remain glued to their homes and they may only emerge from their homes for necessities deemed imperative by the Shariah – not so-called necessities which human minds fabricate.


  1. Intermingling of the sexes. This is shameless and the gateway to Zina. A mixed gathering of Ghair Mahram men and ghair Mahram women is Haraam. According to all four Math-habs, intermingling of ghair-Mahram men and women is Haraam.

Nowadays, 99% of the weddings and so-called Waleemahs are Haraam. The women are extremely shameless and the Imaams of the Masaajid are dumb Shayaateen. They shamelessly park at the Masjid parking lots, despite driving cars being Haraam for women and also being in conflict with the Law of Hijaab. The shameless women then walk pass the men without any fear for Allah whatsoever. The immoral men, in turn ogle and stare at the women. It is Be-hayaai upon Be-hayaai – Zina upon Zina!


This is the rotten state of affairs of the Muslim community who don’t seem to understand that Allah’s Athaab which has overtaken innumerable Muslim communities around the world is due to transgressing the Laws of Allah – Hijaab being one of the Laws which is brutally murdered by Muslims nowadays. Allah Ta’ala grants power to the Kuffaar to then massacre those ‘Muslims’ who flagrantly violate the Laws of the Shariah without any remorse whatsoever. In fact, the modernist Zindeeqs even justify all the filth and Haraam in which they are drowning.

  1. Women in Niqaab mixing with men. Whilst it is Waajib and undoubtedly much better for a woman to cover her face instead of exposing her face like shameless women, it is unbecoming for women in Niqaab to emulate lewd women and participate in public activities – the public being for men and the home-role has been assigned to women by Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

Even with Niqaab and Jilbaab, a woman may not emerge from her home unnecessarily. In this day and age, the Niqaab is misused as a smokescreen to roam and parade in public. The Niqaab is not a license to emerge from the home and commit Haraam acts. Women must stay at home. This is what the Qur’aan and Sunnah commands. Let us learn to follow the Shariah properly.

Luring women out of their homes for the sake of digging holes and planting trees in public is indeed shameless. What has happened to the Hayaa (modesty) of those women who profess to be Muslims? Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “Hayaa and Imaan are interlinked (the two coexist). If one is eliminated, so is the other.”

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The Ahaadeeth pertaining to planting a tree or sowing seeds are not applicable to women leaving the precincts of their homes, nor are they applicable to gatherings of sin where men and women mix. The virtues of planting mentioned in the Ahaadeeth do not refer to Arbor Day and Spring Day functions held at the Haraam schools, etc.

They are very well aware of the fact that intermingling of the sexes (Ghair Mahrams), is Haraam! They mingle in the roads and parks, and cannot claim to be ignorant regarding all the be-hayaai (shamelessness) and be-pardagi taking place due to their 99 Trees Project. Yet, they have the nerve to quote only those Ahaadeeth, which suit them. They quote Ahaadeeth which pertain to planting trees, etc. but they deliberately ignore the Qur’aanic Aayat and Ahaadeeth pertaining to Hijaab and Zina.

Let us make it clear to them that we are not saying that it is Haraam to plant trees, but all their intermingling, female emergence from the homes, women driving, women planting trees, different degrees of Zina and the violation of several Qur’aanic Laws of Hijaab are all Munkaraat (evil acts). Women may plant trees and seeds within the precincts of their home on condition that the gaze of no ghair Mahram falls on them. But, it is Haraam for women to participate in any public programme or public function whether it is planting trees, weddings, Waleemahs, fun-walks, parties, zoos, braais, shopping malls, museums, etc. etc. etc.

Since women are participating, which is Haraam, and the gathering is in conflict with the Shariah, even the males may not participate in this tree-planting project. The very presence of females in public for planting trees, is prohibited. The Ulama need to educate the masses and stop behaving like dumb Shayaateen.

Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Most certainly you should command virtue and prohibit evil, or (if you fail in this obligation) Allah will appoint over you your worst (scoundrels). Then your pious ones will make dua (to be saved from the brutality and oppression), but their duas will not be accepted.”