The Ni’mat Of Health



Health is a wonderful ni’mat (bounty of Allah). In Lucknow there was a nawaab who suffered from a stomach ailment. His nourishment consisted of only sucking a bit of mince boiled in a cloth-bag. On account of his aliment he could only suck the cloth bag containing the boiled mince. One day while sitting on the bank of the river with some of his friends he saw a woodcutter approaching with a heavy bundle of wood on his head. The woodcutter dumped his load under a tree, washed his hands and face in the river and sat in the shade of the tree eating a piece of dry bread with much reli After drinking some water he fell in a deep sleep, snoring loudly. Observing this scene the nawaab said to his friends:

I am prepared to exchange my wealth along with my sickness for the woodcutters poverty and health. (i.e. if this was possible).

[Malfoozaat Hakeemul Ummat]