The Taqwa Of Imaam Abu Hanifah


Once on an intensely hot day, Imaam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayh) and Imaam Abu Yusuf (rahmatullah alayh) were passing through the streets of the market place. Due to the intensity of the heat, Imaam Abu Hanifah walked close to the rows of shops so as to be in the shade. As they neared a building, Imaam Abu Hanifah veered away from it and walked in the street at a distance from the building. Now he and Imaam Abu Yusuf were walking in the fierce heat. After they had passed that particular building, Imaam Abu Hanifah again began walking in the shade of the other buildings.

Surprised at this action, Imaam Abu Yusuf asked the reason. Imaam Abu Hanifah said: “O Abu Yusuf, This building belongs to a Yahudi who owes me several thousand dinars. Do you not know that in Islam, deriving any benefit from a debtor is riba (interest)? I feared to derive the benefit of the shade from the house of my debtor. I therefore, stepped out to avoid gaining the benefit of the shade.”