Karbala Bayaans In Muharram?

Q. Some  Molvis give Bayaans on Karbala and on the Shahaadat of Hadhrat Husain Radhiyallahu Anhu in Muharram and on the night of Aashura. Is this permissible?

A. No. it is not permissible. A host of khuraafaat and baseless customs in Muharram have become entrenched amongst ignorant Muslims and those who have been misled. It is Haraam to have Majaalis and Jalsahs where the Shahaadat story is dinned into the ears of the masses. There are several sins related to this:

  • It is in imitation (Tashabbuh) of the Shias, which is prohibited in the Shariah. Even in Ibaadat, Tashabbuh is not permissible. More so, with regards to these acts specifically related to Shia antics in Muharram.
  • It creates cowardice and heartache to Muslims. The Islamic New Year began with Hijrat. People wish to begin a new year with high hopes and courage – not with sadness and mourning. Hijrat brings alive courage and enlivens hope. Muslims have to be brave and ready to face challenges. The story of Hadhrat Husain’s Radhiayallahu Anhu shahaadat definitely brings tears to the eyes and weakens the spirit.  The new year is supposed to bring happiness and revive the sacrifices Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and his Sahaabah (Radhiallahu Anhum) did for this Deen to come alive.
  • It has become a shi’aar (salient feature) of the Ahle Bid’ah.
  • The Salafus Saaliheen did not render such Bayaans on tenth Muharram. It is a baseless custom. Thus, this is an innovation into the Deen. It is an evil Bid’ah!

Shias like to capitalize in Muharram with their lies and slander against Muslims. We should not fall prey to the narratives of the Shias and remember that their Muharram and Karbala gatherings are sinful. Do not be a spectator to all their Karbala nonsense. Just like how it is Ibaadat to observe an Ibaadat, it is a sin to be a spectator of sinful activities. Also do not forget that the Curse and Wrath of Allah Ta’ala is on these gatherings of the Shia Kuffaar. It is Haraam and Kufr to attend Shia gatherings.