Q. At the Houghton Musjid, the Covid protocols are observed. Social distancing, masks, and alcoholic sanitizers are the order of the day. We were not allowed to go into the Musjid even for Jumu’ah during lockdown. I understand that the Musjid is the House of Allah Ta’ala and not a circus. Should I rather perform my Salaat at home?

A. If you are unable to find another Musjid or Jamaat Khana where Salaat is performed according to the Sunnah, then perform Salaat at home. Never join the Shayaateen in their mock ‘salaat’. Do not join the Haraam congregation in the Musjid. Salaat performed in terms of the protocols of Shaytaan is NOT VALID.

Even the Houghton Masaajid (West Street and Al-Furqan) are run by the Munaafiqeen. The moron trustees of such Musaajid are signs of Qiyaamah.

The fact that they are Munaafiqeen can easily be understood by the fact that they closed the Masaajid for Salaat, but now they are using the very same Masaajid as sites for vaccination where multiple Shar’i violations take place in addition to the fact that vaccination is Haraam on its own. The government closed the Masaajid and now the Masaajid are misused as vaccine sites!!! Can Muslims be so stupid???

A Musjid is a place of Ibaadat. It is not a place for futility, Satanism and Haraam. But, it is clear that the Munaafiqeen of Houghton do not know what is the meaning of a Musjid! Furthermore, they closed the Masaajid and on June 5, 2020, this is what the Munaafiqeen retweeted: “Religion in the time of Covid19. @HoughtonMasjid conducted its first Friday prayers in over two months today. Congregants sanitized at the entrance, had their temperature taken and practiced social distancing.”

For two months, the Munaafiqs prevented the Musallis from performing Jumu’ah Salaat at the Houghton Masaajid! So what do you expect from such Munaafiqs? And of importance is the fact that the retweet makes mention of ‘prayers’. Undoubtedly, the clowns and Satanists engage in ‘prayer’, but not SALAAT. Salaat is only valid when it is performed in conformity to the Sunnah.

Furthermore, they even allow women at the Musaajid which renders them morons according to the Fatwa of Allamah Ibn Hajar Haitami Rahimahullah who stated: 

“And, no one will hesitate in prohibiting women (from the Musjid, the Eidgah, the shopping malls, and emerging from the home in general) except a ghabi (moron) who is a jaahil, and who lacks ability in understanding the subtleties of the Shariah …………The correct verdict is categorical Tahreem (i.e. haraam for women to come to the Musjid), and this is the Fatwa. And, this in a nutshell is our Math-hab.” (Al-Fataawal Fiqhiyatul Kubra)