Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Is it Halaal???

Halaal Soy Sauce in South Africa?

Q. Is Kikkoman soy sauce Halaal? Soy sauce is a brown, salty liquid used as a condiment or seasoning in many dishes, especially Chinese dishes such as vegetable fried rice and ‘Chow Mein’. Soy sauces are generally made from fermented soybean and wheat. Most soy sauces contain alcohol from wheat and soya beans. The alcohol percentage is about 2%! Is Soy sauce Halaal?

A. Kikkoman soy sauce is Haraam. All forms of alcohol are Haraam regardless of the source from which it is derived. Whether it is soybean alcohol, wheat alcohol, vanilla bean alcohol, etc., etc., it is Haraam. Foods containing alcohol of any type are not permissible. Since almost all soy sauces contain alcohol, it is Waajib to abstain from consuming soy sauce until a proper Halaal non-brewed soy sauce is found.