Tariq Jameel – Silence Of The Ulama & Tableegh Jamaat Unacceptable


The incumbency of enjoining good and forbidding evil is mentioned in the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

Now that Tariq Jameel is coming to South Africa, everyone should observe the attitude and reaction of:

1. The Tabligh Jamaat

2. The famous Darul Ulooms in Gauteng

3. Jamiat Kzn

4. The Ulama and so-called Ulama of Cape Town.

5. Bham and his Jamiat.

6. The Shaitaani Radio Islam

7. The Molvis who are on Radio.

Will they speak out against the waste of money involved with Tariq Jameels tour?

Will they expose the Fisq and Shaitaaniyyat of Tariq Jameel? The Hadeeth teaches us to expose such people who mislead the Ummah.

Will they tell people that they should not attend the program’s of Faasiq Tariq Jameel?


Will they be complicit, remain silent like Dumb Shaitaans, or maybe even promote evil making them vocal Shaitaans.

And Radio Shaytaan is already promoting Tariq Jameel! Where are all the Gauteng Ulama to speak against the evils of Radio Shaytaan?

Tariq Jameel does not make Hijaab.

Tariq Jameel speaks nonsense.

Tariq Jameel allows himself to be videoed, televised and even photos are taken of him.

Tariq Jameel attends programs where intermingling of the sexes takes place.

Tariq Jameel even bootlicked the Shias!!!

How then may the Ulama remain silent???

We will observe who speaks up and who remains silent.

Let us see who are our real leaders standing up for the Deen.

Don’t follow Ulama who mislead the Ummah with their silence or by actually promoting Mudhilleen(those who mislead the Ummah) like Tariq Jameel, Ninowy, Fakhruddeen Owaisi, Ebrahim Bham, Ihsaan Taliep and the Shia Cape Accordians.